25 March 14  |  Golf   |  

Adding Character to the Finishing Shot

Written by Jack Creveling, our Golf Course Superintendent.

Having a par 5 as the closing hole at Golden Ocala provides golfers with the opportunity to make a great finish to their round. Birdies and the occasional eagle can mean the difference between a good and great score for the day. But, with each reward, a risk must be overcome…

Protecting the green at Hole 18 has always been a natural creek bed lined with rocks and elevation changes. However, the creek only had water during heavy rain events, allowing for players to recover from the creek on many occasions for par and even birdie. Last week, the team at Golf Course Maintenance made some simple in-house renovations to create a more permanent waterway to the 18th hole.

Hole 18_1

First, the creek base was graded to have water evenly cover the base of the water hazard.

Hole 18_2

Next, a rock barrier was created to allow for bi-level water flow and retention.

Hole 18_3

We located an existing irrigation line to supply the water.

Hole 18_4

With the pipe connected, a line was run to the highest elevation of the creek.

Hole 18_5

This is phase 1 of the project that will include native cord grasses and an extension of the landscaped area around Hole 18, as well as in front of 10 tee complex. Members, enjoy the new additions to our championship golf course!