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Celebrate Mother’s Day in Ocala at Golden Ocala

She was once a little baby, intemperately crying for her mother. She was once a little girl, maybe with pigtails and maybe dragging along a rag doll. Then she grew into a woman, who had children. And you became that baby doll, crying for her mother.

It’s that inexorable link: mother to child, inexplicable and profound. Although both sides in this relationship have unique qualities and predilections, this bond is built from an eternal material. And thus, we rightly celebrate Mother’s Day. (For us, it is Mother’s Day in Ocala.)

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club honor our mothers – as all good little boys and girls should. She as a young woman brought you into the world – on one violent, perhaps noisy day you so nonchalantly call your birthday. Then you shrug your shoulders as if it’s as easy as all that. But somehow the echo of her words rings in your head: Sit up straight and stop slouching! And even if your mother is not around, you promptly sit up straight, because mom said so.

Show Your Mother Your Appreciation at the Garden Buffet at the Spa

On Saturday, May 7, we celebrate the day for our mothers with our Garden Buffet at the Spa. Your mother will definitely appreciate it.

Here’s how it works: You choose the spa service that the two of you can do together with lunch later in the garden. This is a full day of pampering and talking about perhaps some embarrassing memories.

A mother and daughter

But please don’t tell mother in advance; this is supposed to be a surprise, although doesn’t she always have a way of finding out anyway?

Spa staff will surprise your mother from start to finish on your special day. Your mother will be led to a private locker with robe, plush slippers and the day’s itinerary. (You can upgrade her locker with flowers and a gift if you’d like.)

During a break, you may join her for lunch in the spa garden or by the pool. Our chef at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club will prepare a special buffet.

Reservations are required. Call Barbara Whatley at 352-402-4348 for information and pricing. Space is limited. You may even turn your Mother’s Day celebration into a family weekend. Ask about overnight accommodations at Golden Ocala.

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