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New Pastry Chef Whipping Up All New Treats

The World Equestrian Center Ocala is pleased to announce their newest hire, Yohann Le Bescond, as the Executive Pastry Chef. In this role, Le Bescond will contribute to the design of the new hotel pastry kitchen and oversee the creation of dessert menus at all five restaurants on the property as well as Emma’s Patisserie, the specialty pastry boutique inside the hotel. Along with creative execution, Le Bescond will hire, train and manage all bakers and pastry chefs at the five locations on the World Equestrian Center Ocala property.











World Renown Experience
Le Bescond, originally from Treffiagat, France, started baking at the age of 13 in his mother’s kitchen and soon after started the Baker & Pastry Chef Baccalaureate Apprenticeship at the CFA Cuzon in Quimper, France at the age of 15, graduating Summa Cum Laude. At 18 years old, Le Bescond moved to Rennes, France to start the Brevet Technique des Métiers Pâtissier (BTM) program at La Faculté Des Métiers, also graduating Summa Cum Laude. Due to the success of his schooling, Le Bescond was offered an internship with the World’s Best Sugar Master, Stephane Klein, to learn how to create artistic show pieces. He then proceeded to complete an internship in Vienna, Austria working in local bakeries and pastry shops while finishing two additional certifications in candy and ice cream.

Le Bescond moved to Miami, Florida in 2016 to lead the pastry department at Le Macaron, Florida’s leading French macaron and pastry shop. He moved his way up from sous-chef to the executive chef and manager roles. Yohann led and designed dessert experiences for the SLS Hotel in Miami Beach, the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami, The Signature Grand Venue and the American Airlines Arena, to name a few, all while leading the team at Le Macaron.

Chef Le Bescond has earned 2nd place in Pierre Caron’s national contest for puff pastry creation and brings with him high recommendations from well-known pastry chefs from around the world. Additionally, he was awarded an Extraordinary Ability Green Card, for sustained international acclaim evidenced through extensive documentation that states his abilities will benefit the United States through job creation in the industry. Le Bescond joins the World Equestrian Center at the perfect time to celebrate his 10-year anniversary in the pastry industry.

Golden Ocala Dessert Menu
Although the World Equestrian Center Ocala doesn’t open until spring of 2021, LeBescond has already created a new dessert menu for Golden Ocala. These new treats will only increase the excitement and tease the sweet palate of everyone eager to sample his treats. This new menu launches Thursday, June 24, 2020 and will include temptations such as key lime pie, a selection of flavored mouse desserts, spiced red wine poached Bosc pear, and a special chef’s “dessert of the moment.” To see the full menu, CLICK HERE.

What to expect from WEC
Although the sweet treats will be American-styled, they will all be French-inspired. That means the smell of French pastries baking all day long in every restaurant establishment on the WEC property, proving every dessert offered is freshly baked. We will see things such as multiple flavors of macarons, chocolate bonbons, multiple types of French croissants, Danishes, a range of fine petit gateaux, entremets and tarts of many shapes at Emma’s Patisserie as well as larger cakes for those special occasions. Complete offerings are not yet finalized, but we can promise delightful treats that will keep you coming back for more. Le Bescond is creating fun, alternative menus for weddings and other events, promising all of your favorite sweet treats for your guests. In the meantime, while we wait for the World Equestrian Center Ocala facilities to open, head on over to Raspberry’s to taste the first of LeBescond’s passion for pastries.