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Fall Brings Some of the Best Seasonal Beers

Written by Harold Dean, our Food and Beverage Director.

Now that the hot and sticky summer is over, we are in the midst of my favorite season of the year… Fall!  With the changing seasons comes some of the best seasonal beers for the holidays. One of my all-time favorites, and one of the beers we currently have on draft here at Golden Ocala, is the Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Photo Source: Flickr by Adam Sonnett

Bringing Back a Tradition

Most people don’t realize that early American colonialists sought after the most natural of ingredients when they brewed their ales. Even back then, pumpkins were abundant and full of flavor. Blending pumpkins with barley malt was one thing colonists loved to do in the fall and this soon became a seasonal tradition.

With an orange and copper color, the Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale boasts aromas of rich spices and pumpkin. Not to mention, the taste has the perfect blend of cinnamon and nutmeg. This genuine pumpkin ale pairs perfectly with holiday foods such as roasted meats and vegetables. However, it doesn’t need to be paired with these foods to be enjoyed – treat yourself to one any time you are in the mood for a great smooth and creamy fall beer!

Why Did I Pick this Particular Beer?

Photo Source: Flickr by Matthew Hurst

We have three taps at Knickers and my sole purpose of picking beers is to serve drinks our members enjoy. One of the beers that our members can’t seem to get enough of is Yuengling, which we have on tap. Also, I brought in Swamp Head Big Nose on a whim and it has become a member favorite. These two beers are probably neck and neck in terms of popularity with our members. This leaves me with a third tap to experiment with…

I like to always have something that nobody else is carrying to make our beer selection unique and special for our members. I stay up to date with trends and read reviews on the best fall beers to find what is available in Florida to bring to Golden Ocala. The Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale is only produced from August to November and is well loved for its smooth taste and uniqueness. This is why I picked this pumpkin ale to bring on tap to Knickers.

Look Forward to More Seasonal Beers

I like to find out what our members are drinking when they are out at other restaurants and bars other than the standard beers like Miller Lite, Bud Light, etc. I want to offer unique and different options so that our members can appreciate the fact that we’ve done something special for them. In the summertime, I’ll get a summer ale. I may even get something like a blueberry beer for our ladies to enjoy.

Even with only three taps, I consistently rotate them out so our members remain curious about our selection. I want our members to come in and constantly see something different. In the upcoming weeks, we will be bringing in Sam Adams Octoberfest and Redd’s Apple Ale. Come in to Knickers and check out the seasonal beers we have specifically for your enjoyment!