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Gym at Golden Ocala

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Golden Ocala

The Fitness Center at Golden Ocala has a wide range of exercise choices that will motivate Members to meet their personal physical expectations. Choose from a variety of classes, cardiovascular and strength training, personal trainers, and a wellness program personalized to meet your goals.

Yoga class at the Golden Ocala Fitness Center
Working out with a personalized regimen at the Golden Ocala gym
Working on cardio endurance at the Fitness Center
Personal training workout session at Golden Ocala
Enjoying a yoga class at Golden Ocala



Golden Ocala brings the finest in Italian exercise equipment with Technogym, a revolutionary system backed by years of research and development. Technogym is the equipment line used by the 2006 Winter Olympic athletes. You will discover a new level of cardio training with the Cardio Wave, offering three planes of motion to accelerate results in endurance, strength and coordination.

Ensure success in your training with the Wellness System. Your personalized key is programmed with your fitness goals and linked to Technogym’s strength and cardio equipment to guide you through your exercise program.

Personal training session


Personal Training

Personal trainers have been selected with a superior level of education and experience second to none, assuring you proper training in the use of a variety of fitness equipment and techniques that motivate and enable you to meet your desired level of fitness.


Feel Golden

The fitness team at Golden Ocala prides themselves on staying up with the latest in fitness and health. For the most current workout trends and techniques, and health care tips, be sure to read our fitness blog.


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