02 June 20  |  Fitness   |  

Outdoor Gym Facility Making Waves

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club offers not only a state-of-the-art indoor gym facility but also an alternative outdoor gym complex, providing fresh air and further social distancing for safe and healthy fitness. In a time of looking for alternative ways to do everything, physical activity is no different.


Alternative Options for Exercise

Our outdoor gym and equipment is set up to provide a variation of training that machines cannot. It utilizes body weight versus plated weights and allows the muscles to stretch as they are being exercised with the help of gravity. This is different from the indoor gym equipment as the mid-workout impact and end results differ. Our outdoor gym provides access to fresh air and social distancing while requiring use of muscles in alternative ways to mimic natural body movements.

Whereas the inside gym equipment mainly consists of machines and free weights, this outdoor facility includes pull-up bars, monkey bars, a parallel bar, balance beams, pushup bars, stall climbing bars, a sit up chair, Roman chair and hanging rope climb. Members can use this equipment to perform pushups, sit-ups, squats, pullups and shoulder and balance exercises.

During these uncertain times, we’re glad to offer this additional option to maintain physical health while staying a safer distance during workouts. Members at Golden Ocala have the benefit of both this outside facility and spacious indoor facility. For both facilities, we are taking every precaution to provide the safest and cleanest environment for physical exercise.

Located at 2800 NW 80th Terrace Ocala, Fl 34482, the outdoor gym is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. Both facilities are open to members. Guests can pay a daily or weekly fee to use the facilities.

For more information, call (352) 629-6229 or  visit https://www.goldenocala.com/active-living-wellness/fitness/.