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Top Athletes Get Results With Professional Conditioning

By Jeffrey T Spaeth LMT, CPT

When it comes to professional conditioning, you may think that professional NFL or NBA players are in better condition than players in other sports.

Actually, NHL players are the most conditioned because they need strength, endurance, explosive speed and a high pain tolerance to perform well.

I hope your team won the Super Bowl, or at least you enjoyed the commercials; sometimes all the conditioning in the world won’t help if your team isn’t firing on all cylinders.

Expecting results in the gym requires consistency, dedication and proper technique. There’s an old saying: ”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

Put Energy into Your Workout

Gym time should be productive and energizing. You should have a routine in mind before you workout. That way you can attack your workout with fervor.

Professional athletes work out harder in the off season: more weightlifting, heavier weights, more repetitions. This type of workout requires longer recovery time, so there must be a happy medium and be able to perform exercises that won’t carry on into the next day with pain and stiffness.

Golden Ocala's fitness center is the best place for a professional workout

There has to be a balance with any workout regime. Training hard and staying strong while staying flexible and limber are musts.

Let me help you unleash your inner “professional.”

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club know that the best way to get in top shape and find the program that fits you is by visiting our Fitness Center. Our trainers can help you develop a plan that will make the professionals envious. Stop by the Fitness Center and get started on your new muscles today!

Golden Ocala has the finest in Italian exercise equipment with Technogym. The Technogym equipment line was used by the 2006 Winter Olympic athletes. You will go to a new level of cardio training with the Cardio Wave, which offers three planes of motion to accelerate results in endurance, strength and coordination.

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