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Beautiful Sun Kissed Highlights

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hairdresser at Golden Ocala.

Has it seemed like forever since someone has complemented your hair? Does your hair color seem dull and lack dimension? Do you want a new and trendy hairstyle that is flattering and gives you more confidence? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have a solution for you. Beautiful sun kissed highlights!

Occasionally I come across clients with hair that is monochromatic or hair that could use some tweaking to complement their style. I evaluate their skin and hair texture, look at all shades in their hair and I create personalized and precise formulation of sun kissed highlights.

There are many techniques to refining the perfect sun kissed color. One way is done by hand painting the highlights on to enhance the clients facial features. An other technique is done by adding foil highlights to create dimension so the clients hair color will pop.  The new sun kissed highlighting technique is also flattering when adding just a few highlights to frame the face. Sun kissed highlights are an awesome look for summer and take no time at all to process. There are also fewer chemicals involved and the costs much less than a full head of highlights.


Beautiful Sun Kissed Highlights

Here at Golden Ocala,  I specialize in creating the perfect look for each individual client. Let me brighten your day with this new summer hair trend. Call me today and schedule your customized sun kissed highlighting service!

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