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Summertime Hair Treatments

Damaged Frizzy Hair

Dry, Damaged Hair – Before Treatment

Fighting Summertime Hair Frizz

‘Tis the season for fun, family barbecues and frizz — especially in highly humid climates, such as North Central Florida. Fortunately for vacation-goers, “stay-cationers” and people who desire to wear their best hair, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club has product lines and treatments that are applied to the scalp, according to member preferences and custom hair recommendations.

This includes the best noninvasive treatment ever to find its way into our on-site salon — Brazilian Blowout. Made for all hair types, it’s considered the ultimate cure for every strand of frizzy hair. Unlike Japanese silk straightening, Brazilian Blowout turns frizz into softer, shinier and more relaxed pieces, transforming unruly hair into shiny hair and making wavy hair lighter. It protects hair against fluctuating temperatures for at least three months or up to 12 weeks, cutting styling time in half and locking in color. And what’s even better, there is no wait time for washing or wearing your hair in a ponytail or with a clip.


After Brazilian Blowout

After Brazilian Blowout Treatment

Brazilian Blowout-Branded Products

Brazilian Blowout has a branded line of long-lasting products, such as shampoo, conditioner, root lift and shine spray – all of which are available for purchase at the Golden Ocala Salon and should be applied to all Brazilian Blowout-treated hair. While Brazilian Blowout clients can use other additional products, they must be Sulfate-free. We suggest L’Oreal Professional and Pureology and can search for the ideal amounts of these products, based on a member’s lifestyle, during a consultation with one of our stylists. If you remember nothing else, remember this — it’s the styling products, not the hairstyle, that combat summertime humidity and other weather conditions.

Most people can still get the Brazilian Blowout, regardless of the damage done to their hair by other treatments. Why? Because it will make your hair smoother while repairing frizzy, course hair, without causing any damage.


Brazilian Blowout

Smooth, Straight Hair – After Brazilian Blowout

Hair Days in the Heat

With or without Brazilian Blowout, summer hair care is somewhat different than year-round treatments. The environmental elements that we live in and put our hair through, especially chlorine and salt water, result in washing that hair more often and losing color.

Therefore, the right conditioning is vital. Golden Ocala suggests making an appointment every six to eight weeks for conditioning services, color, a trim and/or a haircut. The salon staff will also discuss hair care at home, as well as suggest additional conditioning treatments, if applicable. And, as luck would have it, Golden Ocala also offers complimentary consults on custom hair care at home to all members, for all seasons.

We aim to please and pamper, so please take full advantage of our humidity-defeating products, hair care-improving treatments and yearlong luxury styling. For an appointment or consultation, call the Golden Ocala Salon at (352) 402-4350.