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Removing Split Ends by Splitting Hairs

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hairdresser at Golden Ocala.

The hair trend that seems to be coming back into style lately is long luxurious locks. One of the biggest fears women with long hair have when going to the salon is their hairdresser will cut off more than they desire.  The best tip I can give to those seeking long beautiful hair is prevention and protection is key.

Stop Damaging Your Hair

  • Stop using heat on your hair when possible. This will preserve the life of the hair without having to cut it.
  • Slow down on chemical processes.
  • Slow down on the amount you shampoo.
  • Feed your hair from the inside out with vitamins and professional shampoos and conditioners.

Chemicals and Heat result in split ends.

When you damage your hair it swells up and splits at the ends. You can help prevent this swelling and splitting by avoiding chemicals and heat and by using professional hair care products like mentioned above.

Eliminate Split Ends While Keeping Your Length

I can offer clients who want to grow long healthy hair a new process of removing split ends without taking away too much length. I call this process splitting hairs. I take my sheers to the hair and without cutting your length, I cut only your split ends.


Before the cutting technique.

First, I wash my client’s hair and condition it with a deep conditioner. I then dry the hair with a ceramic brush and ionic blow dryer. One of the ways I remove unwanted split ends is by twisting the hair into sections.  By doing this, only the split ends fly out which makes it easier to locate them.  I take my sheers and go up and down the twisted sections of hair carefully cutting off the dead ends.  After carefully examining small sections of the hair I then lay the hair flat and remove any unwanted split ends that may remain. This is done very carefully to avoid taking off too much length.


The Cutting Technique.

I complete the style by cutting a tiny bit along the bottom of the hair to achieve a polished look. I highly recommend this technique to all those who wish to keep their hair long and healthy. For more information on this style to or book this service contact me at (352) 402-4350.


The Final Look.

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