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Spa Products By Comphy

Prime Comfort  

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At Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, we spell comfy with a “ph.” And if you’ve ever used Comphy’s luxury bedding and fine linens in a spa, hotel or at home, you will completely understand why. Now, Spa & Fitness Director Barbara Whatley-Render and her team will ship the same Comphy products that they supply to members straight to their residence — free of charge, no matter where in the U.S. it is. That means an unlimited supply of sheet sets, wash cloths, dust ruffles, towels, down pillows, down comforters, knit blankets, spa robes, dryer balls, crib fitted sheets — shall we go on?


Overwhelmingly Comfortable 

But why Comphy as opposed to another product line? The truth is that there are too many color, size and product options under the Comphy name, that Golden Ocala couldn’t possibly stock them all. So, we’re giving members the next best thing — free shipping of products that are so unique and overwhelmingly comfortable.

Comphy sheets contain high-performance microfiber that gives off a light and flexible feeling, putting your skin at peace and supplying a matte finish that instantly sends you into a state of relaxation. No wonder why a marketing research bed linen study found that Comphy owners sleep better after using these linens.”

A fabric texture of such superior quality at its best is purely intentional. Comphy Founder Mia Richardson set out to develop linens unlike any ever seen in the spa industry. After becoming the leading spa linen, Comphy required further research and scientific development to achieve soft-to-the-touch home linens, regardless of larger sheet dimensions. In other words, just like Golden Ocala saw a demand for Comphy at home, so did Richardson recognize an international demand for Comphy from a multitude of spa guests.


Environmentally Comphy

Anyone who believes that what is good for people is good for the environment must have experienced Comphy. We mentioned the linens are light, drying them faster and taking less energy. They are recyclable, which makes them sustainable and durable, lasting 2-3 times longer than the standard, heavier cotton.

Simply put, Comphy is a synthetic fiber that only uses 1% of fossil fuel demand without using tons of water or pesticides, such as in commercially grown cotton, as well as pollution, such as in bamboo fiber. If any of this seems confusing, just throw Comphy linens in the wash. The result —luxuriance. And fear not, they easily release stains and are guaranteed for up to 300 cycles. Take that, natural fibers!


Comphy Time

Remember, breathable means hypoallergenic and without moisture. Also, with an extra fine weave, dust mite allergens and bed bugs quickly become things of the past. And do not measure thread count, just trust the way you feel when you choose Comphy. Interested yet? Email Whatley-Render at Barbara.Whatley@goldenocala.com, and she can unlock this special offer for you.