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A Secret for Men…

Written by Barbara Whatley, Spa & Fitness Director.

Men, do you think of spas as places filled with aging, cucumber-masked ladies bathing in mud? If so, you’re doing yourself a great disservice because today’s spas are fully co-ed and ready to tailor any spa and/or salon service specifically for men. In fact, one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry is products and services aimed at men. Spas and salons are now offering a menu of pampering services for men, including haircuts, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, and more.

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From Massages to Haircuts, Our Ocala Spa Has it All

From a top-notch massage to untangle your hard-working muscles to a haircut that makes you look your best, the men’s salon at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club has something for every man or gentleman. Our private club spa in Ocala, Florida has many offerings for men including, but not limited to:

Deep Tissue Sports Massage (80minutes)

Designed to eliminate stress, our Deep Tissue Sports Massage will leave you relaxed and ready to take on a game of golf… or just take a nap.

man having a back massage

Men’s Homme Facial (50minutes)

You must try this! Our Men’s Homme Facial will soften your facial lines, leaving your skin with a rested, youthful look and feel. Just trust us – you’ll really enjoy it!

“Men’s Best Kept Secret” (80minutes)

Feeling especially indulgent? This package includes a back scrub, a scalp and neck massage, and a warm foot scrub and rub!

Cut Loose and Relax!

So, you’ve just had a rigorous day of massages, skin and nail treatments, and a haircut. Now it’s time to cut loose and reward yourself! I suggest Cocktails & Cigars on the patio at Knickers. Here you will find the finest premium rum, single malt whiskey, and other top shelf beverages to enjoy.

Members – if you’re ready to experience the best kept secret in Ocala, call 352-402-4350 and let us handle all the details! Be sure to ask about any special spa promotions and packages that may be available.