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Salon Hair at Home

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hairdresser at Golden Ocala.

Getting your hair done is an exciting and relaxing experience almost everyone looks forward to. You leave the salon feeling like a new and improved person. You feel beautiful and confident after your designer works their magic, no matter how big or small of a change you make to your hair. Even a little trim can give you a polished look making you feel more radiant than you did before. Most leave the salon feeling fierce and then they get home and struggle recreating their fabulous salon look. Here are a few tips on how to get that salon hair at home!

Keep the blow dryer pointed down and a few inches away from your hair.

Learn how to achieve the salon look at home.

Salon Products

The products you use on your hair are the first ingredient for recreating your salon style. From your shampoo and conditioner to your styling products, you need the right products for your hair to achieve a salon inspired look. Hair designers use specific products on your hair because they are specially trained in knowing which products will work best for your hair type. Trust them when they recommend a shampoo and conditioner or a styling product. This is because they know this product will give you the look you are trying to achieve.

Keep spritzing!

Professional products make is easier to achieve your desired look.

Styling Tools

The same thing goes with styling tools. Your hair designer is trained and experienced in using the styling tools to create your style. From blow dryers to curling irons, they know how to use these tools best to not only give you the look you want but to also protect your hair from damaging heat. Ask your designer what styling tools they recommend to achieve the look you desire at home and most importantly, what heat settings you should use on your hair.

Touch up with a flat iron.

Ask your designer for advice on how to use your styling tools to best achieve your salon style.

Salon Maintenance

To make sure you have “salon style” hair all the time maintenance is key. Ask your hair designer how much time between visits they recommend. It is usually 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your hair type. This will keep your hair appointment smooth and relaxing and give you gorgeous hair year round.

A new service now available at the Golden Ocala Salon is the “Styling Tip” service. Lisa Maller and myself are offering this service to any member who wants to learn how to achieve a professional hairstyle every day in the comfort of their own home. You will need to bring all your home care hair products: shampoo, conditioner and styling tools, and we will teach you to create the look your hair designer gives you! For more information or to request your “Styling Tip” service with Lisa or myself call the salon at (352) 402-4350. For more hair care tips and beauty trends visit our salon blog.