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Reasons To Schedule a Body Scrub

After all the elements you have exposed your skin to over the summer, your skin is calling out for hydration. The best and most effective way to hydrate your skin is with a body scrub. Like a facial, it leaves the whole body hydrated, exfoliated, smooth and soft.

During a body scrub, you can expect the spa to use a product containing salt, sugar and rice bran. Coffee grounds and a nut hull have even been used. Sugar products are sometimes used because they are non-irritating and less abrasive to the skin. The product is mixed with scented oils and sometimes additional products like lactic acid for places that may need a little extra help to soften like elbows or knees.

Reasons To Schedule a Body Scrub

The treatment starts on skin that is dampened with a warm, moist exfoliating product that is worked in to exfoliate all the dead skin cells off and followed with a shower or a soak in a Jacuzzi. After all the product is removed, you will enjoy an application of body lotion. At the Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club Spa, we offer various options to take this service to the next level and turn your treatment into a massage using our own Golden Ocala honey-mango lotion.

Reasons To Schedule a Body Scrub

If you have an event in which you will show off your back and shoulders, in either a beautiful dress or garment, this service is a must.

If you would like to experience this treatment in Ocala, you can call The Spa at Golden Ocala at 352-402-4350 and book a Coconut Sugar Scrub. To make this experience ”Golden,” upgrade to an hour massage to finish this service.

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