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Organic Skin Care

Theresia Kelly and her team members at the Spa at Golden Ocala know that sun damage during the summer months is a big concern for community members. That’s why they are now offering an Organic Cucumber and Parsley treatment — with ‘organic’ being the operative word. Golden Ocala staff recommend organic skin care, especially if you have sensitive skin or skin that has been negatively impacted by the rays of the sun.


Benefits of Organic Skin Care

Not only does organic skin care prevent further sun damage, but it is made for everyone 18 and older, as teens should begin a facial skin care regimen to avoid signs of aging. This complements a diet of healthy food and plenty of water, rather than sugar and carbonated beverages.

Most importantly, though, organic skin care is free of chemicals, greatly benefitting every individual worldwide. Even if you’re someone who only eats organic food and never brings chemicals into your home, you are still being exposed to countless chemicals by osmosis – from the air you breathe to the clothes you wear.

If you go a step further by massaging chemically-infused products into your skin, they will be absorbed into the bloodstream and collected in the body, no matter how hard your system tries to dispel them. Also, chemical ingredients and sun exposure can cause premature aging.


Applying Skin Care Treatments

Organic skin care treatments are applied just like any other skin care regimen — on a highly individualized basis, especially when it comes to the purpose of the treatment and the condition of the user. While twice per day is the norm, different people have different needs, and this sometimes means using specific types of ingredients — both for spa and home care. For example, stonecrop (sedum) lightens and calms the skin, and cucumbers and parsley — like what we currently offer at Golden Ocala — enhance blood flow and lighten hyperpigmentation.

Applying the same facial skin care regimen at home that your esthetician recommended at the spa makes the impact of the treatment last longer and generates long-term results. Complementary home care usually involves a cleanser, toner, exfoliator and moisturizer. While the possibilities are endless, every facial skin care regimen should be used in its pure form – without water.


It is never too early to begin applying organic skin care treatments or seeking professional recommendations. If your face has already been damaged by the sun, seek treatment right away, as you do not want the damage to penetrate every level of the derma. Start by calling the Golden Ocala Spa at (352) 402-4350.