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Newest & Upcoming Spa Products

Spa & Salon: 10.5 Years, But Who’s Counting?

Golden Ocala’s Spa and Salon have become destinations for prime products, top-tier services and renowned offerings. Want to remove facial scars? Easy! Need a new skincare product? No problem! Care to volumize your hair? We can handle that, too! Just yearning for some “me time?” We have you covered! Golden Ocala expands Spa and Salon amenities based on demand, competition and trends. There is no predicting what is in store next, but here is a glimpse into our all-the-rave programs.


Get Glamourous at Golden Ocala

The holiday parties may be over, but there are still plenty of reasons for you to get your glamour on! Salon staff has a wide variety of makeup products and hair styling options that can be customized to your liking or according to professional recommendations based on skin tone and facial features.

If you are especially nervous about looking your very best for an upcoming gala or wedding, makeup and hair trials are available by appointment. In fact, our Gala Glamour Package includes a FREE hair AND makeup trial, as well as two special occasion hairstyle/makeup applications for a limited-time price of $250. For a bride who happens to be getting married right on the grounds of Golden Ocala, additional bridal party packages for the shower, reception and ceremony are just a phone call away.


Lash by Lash

Lash by lash — this may sound like a commercial for mascara that is intended to make your eyelashes as long as Megan Fox’s or even Justin Theroux’s. But at Golden Ocala, we have a better idea. We offer extensions that enhance your lashes without makeup of any kind. With a look as bold as this, you will be ready for anything from a night on the town to a day at the office.


Care for Your Hair

Since Golden Ocala recognizes that hair should be nourished into something to remember, our stylists have selected L’Oreal Professional — a brand on a mission to capitalize on the talents of hair experts, so as to best serve the customer. We second that sentiment and utilize this series to keep hair care at the level of Paris Fashion Week, the concept that inspired the product line itself. For example, Golden Ocala stylists turn to Pureology for color-treated hair, as well as to sustain the hair in its best state, and Kerastase to complement the scientific nature of personal hair care. All Salon products are available for purchase.


From Head to Toe

After Golden Ocala works on your hair, we move straight to your toes with Baby Foot. This is a natural exfoliating formula that relies on 17 natural extracts to remove layers of dead skin. Spa staff take men and women alike from rough soles to long-term moistened feet. Those products are also available for purchase, so that you never have to ditch heels or dress shoes for sneakers even for just one night.


Get Comphy

Lastly, pampering does not simply end when you leave Golden Ocala’s Spa and Salon. In fact, our staff can order the same luxury bedding that you rest so easily on at every appointment. Comphy specializes in high-performance fabric and sleep promotion products that are 100% recycle, machine-washable and wrinkle-free. But do not take our word for it — just research Comphy’s independent and scientifically-proven study. And if you are now convinced, stop by our facility to make a Comphy purchase or place a direct mail order via phone.

For more information on any of these aforementioned and dazzling products and services, contact Barbara Whatley-Render and her team at (352) 402-4348.