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Golden Ocala Celebrates National Bathtub Party Day

Almost everyone loves ‘em. You sit in them – clad with nary any attire. (Ahem.) And you get all sudsy, play with rubber duckies, make yourself look like Santa Claus from outer space and act really, really silly. Not another place on earth except the bathtub is such rampant frivolity encouraged and even promoted.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club embrace – figuratively speaking – the frolicsome tenets of the institution of the bathtub – in all its splendid variations and manifestations.

To honor this special household structure, we salute National Bathtub Party Day on Dec. 5. We have created a personalized “Bath Tub” party basket with Kniepp bath salts, an Archipelago candle and a bottle of wine of champagne of your choice. This is a great holiday gift and a great way to celebrate this day.

Celebrate National Bathtub Party Day with Golden Ocala

Our strong hands are also offering a 25-minute neck, back and shoulder massage followed by a relaxing soak in any of our Kniepp bath selections.  This is a limited time offer to the first five members who call!  It costs $45.  We’re wishing you a very merry soaking!

We don’t have to tell you that Bathtub Party Day is a time to celebrate you. It’s a time to soak in the suds and enjoy some soothing, relaxing alone time.

While the origins of National Bathtub Party Day are unclear and shrouded in big, white bubbles, Wellcat.com instructs bathtubbers the world over in the gentle art of taking a bath.

Behold, the bathtub experience (edited for brevity’s sake and to give you time to turn on the tub water): “To enjoy a really good soak, take the ringer off the phone, light a few candles, tune into some favorite music & lock the door. If you want to add a few drops of essential oils to your bath, be sure to wait until the moment you are ready to step into the tub, to ensure the essence doesn’t evaporate before you benefit from it.

“Don’t forget to have a big, fluffy towel ready for you! For after bath skin soothing, while your skin is still damp, apply (your) favorite body lotion or body oil.

“If you’ve invited a few friends to celebrate Bathtub Party Day, be sure to plan ahead so you don’t have to hop out of the bubbly warmth to pour a glass of wine or serve a platter of snacks. Assign each guest a task: keeper of the towels; cleaner of the ring around the tub; trimmer of the candle wick; guardian of toiletries. Enjoy!”

We hope you take our recommendations to heart; actually, we’re thinking we hope you take it to tub. Stop by the spa to get more information or call Spa & Fitness Director Barbara Whatley at 352-402-4350.

Golden Ocala's National Bathtub Party Day gift basket includes candles

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