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Massages at Golden Ocala

The Magic of Massages

As any member who has ever experienced it will know, the Spa at Golden Ocala specializes in massages, among other forms of prime and personalized wellness treatments. And as Spa Director Theresia Kelly can tell you, massage therapists and their clients must be equally prepared for this ultimate form of relaxation. From what happens during a massage, to what kind of massage you want and need, to what to expect in the days after therapy, there’s plenty of questions to consider and a plethora of possibilities that await.

When to Get a Massage

Theresia and her team usually recommend that individuals receive massages on a regular basis — every two to four weeks — as massages release lactic acid, allowing your circulatory system to eliminate stored toxins through your liver.

If you’re dealing with health issues or chronic pain, weekly massages would be optimal. For example, in the case of autoimmune disorders like systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, the immune system becomes overactive, because it confuses good and bad cells and attacks healthy connective tissue. Massage therapy helps maintain a balanced immune system, preventing debilitating flare-ups.

There are even essential oils that are specific to health conditions. Since massage therapists are trained to dispense aromatherapy, they can make suggestions accordingly. For example, citrus or peppermint produce an invigorating effect, prompting a desirably energetic feeling. Of course, the massage therapist must take individuals’ allergies into account prior to dispensing these oils. So, let’s say you have floral allergies — you will want to steer clear of lavender or rosemary.

Despite personal health issues, as you age, regular massages become vital to maintaining overall wellbeing. Aging brings about stiffness, arthritis and reduced flexibility — all of which can be helped with a massage. However, this does mean that massages can battle these issues alone. They must be complemented with yoga, meditation, walking and the like.

How to Get a Massage

Massages begin at “relaxation” or “Swedish style.” These are light-stroke, restful massages that are suitable for all individuals, especially when lavender or chamomile come into play. On the other hand, those who wish to work on stiffness may request a “deep muscle” or “deep tissue” massage, which induces the movement and release of lactic acid. Just be aware, that this type of massage is associated with slight pain the following morning, but it’s normal and can be reduced by consuming large amounts of water immediately after the massage and throughout the remainder of the day. If you happen to be athletically active, massage therapists can gear your treatment toward problem areas like shoulders and back.

If you are not sure what type of massage you would like, the massage therapist will spend a few minutes assessing your needs, health concerns and more, before “prescribing” a specific type of massage. This customized treatment will then be tweaked, based on your unique threshold for intensity. Since modalities have a long range of sensitivity, the massage therapist will find a massage that suites your extreme sensitivity, desire for deeper varieties or anything in between.

For more information about massage therapy and how it can benefit you, or to schedule your next appointment, call the Spa at Golden Ocala — (352) 402-4350.