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Hydrating Your Skin for a Fresh Look

Written By Barbara Whatley, Spa & Fitness Director

Warmer temperatures and the anticipated arrival of the upcoming spring season has everyone thinking of how to achieve a fresh new look to match. Gone are the gloves, layers and the other trappings of Florida winters.

As the extra layers are shed to take in the warm sunny rays, it’s important to factor in steps to hydrate your skin to repair damage from the cool days of winter. Consuming water and moisturizing the skin’s surface are vital in the process. A host of other tips and treatments can also aide in making sure your skin receives optimal hydration.


Facials – put your best face forward with a fresh, hydrated appearance from deep cleaning and moisturizing techniques

Exfoliation – can be done all over the body to get rid of dead skin and to open the pores.

Soaks – soaking the body in water infused with a variety of minerals helps add moisture to the surface of the skin.

An added benefit of these treatments is the chance to enjoy relaxing moments during the process. So, not only are you giving your skin a makeover, you are taking a moment to de-stress, which also helps the skin rejuvenate.

Spa Bliss

The knowledgeable therapists at the Golden Ocala Spa can assist you with a variety of options to provide your skin with a hydrating makeover. Now is a great time to stop by and let our skin specialists create a personalized hydrating package that works for you.

Start with a HydraFacial or a warm, moisturizing facial. Then, try either a warm Jacuzzi soak with our exclusive line of Honey-Mango spa lotion or a Phytomer gommage and body milk full body exfoliation. This is just a sample of the spa services available at Golden Ocala.

For more skincare tips and ideas to pamper yourself for good health, follow our wellness blog.