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Hot Hair Trends: Hair Painting, Balayage and Undercuts

By Stephanie Kreuzer, hair stylist

Recently I had the opportunity to attend Matrix Destination 2016. An educational class in coloring, cutting and styling, I was able to learn and work with some of the best in the industry.

Here are just some of the new hot hair trends for 2016.

First, I will share hair painting and Balayage – seamless color melts that enhance the texture of your hair; this is one of the most popular color techniques for 2016.

Hair painting and Balayage incorporate multiple tones to give you a flow of color with the movement of your hair. Celebrity colorist George Papanikolas emphasized the most important rule of Balayage: “When applying color, you have to be delicate with Balayage so it doesn’t turn into a balay-blob.”  With this technique hair is naturally beautiful; when not applied correctly, hair will appear stripy and blotchy. The end result should be a natural seamless look.

example of Stephanie's work

Bright fashion hair that makes color pop and playful is the look that is in!

Paul Falltrick, international renowned hairstylist, Daniel Roldand, international matrix artistic director, and the beautiful Tarra Dean, artistic director for matrix, shared different techniques to incorporate into a haircut to give movement, flow and texture.

Trending cuts: Undercuts, Texturing and Layering

Clients who have thick hair will not have much movement and flow. The undercut technique will change the weight and movement of the hair. When your stylist explains she is going to “shave” the under part of your hair, this can sound extreme. However, it is only removing the underweight and thickness, giving you the movement and flow you may desire. Now that you have this hair-cutting knowledge, you will notice how many undercuts are being done when a person’s hair is pulled back. With movement and flow, the undercut technique will give you style you thought was unachievable.

Undercut Example off web

Texturing will remove the weight within the layers of the hair without losing length. Layering gives you more volume and flow. This combined haircut on the right hair will give every-day long hair a twist of sass and fun!

The ever-talented Tabatha Coffey and Mary Booth from behind the chair shared their inspirational stories. For me, helping each and every one of my clients feel beautiful at the end of the service is my inspiration; for the gentlemen, I want you to feel on “top of the world.”

Tabathy Coffey and Stephanie Kreuzer

I invite you to sit in my chair and escape from everyday life. Let me bring you into the world of beauty, even if it is for a small amount of time. The salon at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club offers an exciting experience and something you will look forward to when coming to the salon.

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