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Guys – Don’t Let Girls Have All the Fun At the Spa!

Gentlemen… don’t let it just be about the ladies looking good, you too can look great! And just think, grooming for men takes a little less time and can be hassle free if done on a regular basis. Your significant other will appreciate the special effort and you’ll feel great too.

The season often dictates the length of facial hair and haircut for guys. Typically, spring and summer when the temperatures turn from warm to hot, men will trim their beards down or forego them all together. Haircuts are also more frequent, as they want to keep a low maintenance style.


This is also the time of year that the guys are more active outside, whether that means participating in team sports like baseball or spending more time on the tennis court or golf course. You’ll also find them completing more home improvement projects or working in the yard. All those activities may leave their hands rough and in need of a manicure. Getting a manicure on a regular basis may seem too fussy, but your hands will benefit and your special someone will notice. And don’t forget your feet! A man wearing a nice pair of slides with well-groomed feet gets a nod of approval every time!

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

Men may also consider scheduling a massage to help those muscles recover from the extra outdoor activities outside, whether for recreation or household tasks. It’s a nice way to recover and is a relaxing treat for a job well done.

So gentlemen, the spa and salon are not just for women. There is an array of services available for men to stay looking their best. The Spa & Salon at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club offers a number of spa treatments for men, along with gentlemen’s salon services. The wellness blog features more helpful tips and information from the Spa & Salon.