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Gray is the New Trending Color for Spring Hair Styles

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hair Stylist

The new trend in hair styles could be easily called 50 shades of gray! “Really,” one may ask. The answer is “yes,” which may be hard to believe! But instead of covering your roots, it’s fashionable to showcase your gray tresses.

Once referred as the “Granny hairstyle” is now considered a chic trend. So who started this new look? A few names pop up like Jamie Lee Curtis, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osborne and Helen Mirren to name a few. These front runners vary in age and all get compliments for their hairstyle.

The cost to achieve the grey look can be on the pricey side anywhere from $200 to $700 depending on the salon. The time involved depends on what color you start out with and it could take a couple of hours to get where you need to be.


The cost of achieving a gray look will vary depending on the salon.

The process starts with bleaching the hair as light as you can, until you get the desired color and as tone in with a blue toner. It may take a few times to bleach the hair the desired amount. There is also grey blending, a technique where you incorporate your natural hair with gray blend in the finished hairstyle.

Whatever your age, as a young or the mature woman, wearing a gray hairstyle has no age limit. Visit the salon at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club to see what shade of gray hair may look best on you. Get other hair care tips by following the salon’s blog or connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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