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Creating Your Own Spa at Home

Written by Barbara Whatley, Spa & Fitness Director.

“Beauty is not simply skin deep. Beauty encompasses all aspects of a person – mind, body, and soul – with each aspect key to achieving ultimate beauty. It’s quite amazing! When a person is of sound mind, body, and spirit, they have a very distinct glow.” ~ Hippo Lipkin

spa-livingI recently read an inspiring book that I would like to share with you called Spa Living by Sunamita Lim. To write this book, Lim traveled all over the world, visiting some of the most beautiful and renowned spas. As you read, you’ll notice the gorgeous pictures of hot tubs, steam rooms, warm baths, indoor pools, fireplaces, and relaxing candlelit rooms.

Spa Living invites readers into tranquil spaces to nourish the body and soul. The book also provides a glossary of popular spa treatments and advice for those new to the spa experience. After you’ve read this book, you may feel inspired to create your own spa experience at home!

How to Create Your Own Spa at Home

  1. Make Time For Yourself: Pick a day when you have no major commitments and can focus on yourself for at least a few hours. Turn off your phone, email, Facebook, and anything else that can be a distraction. Send your kids to the swimming pool and your husband to the golf course!
  2. Pull Together the Essentials: Gather a few items that say “spa” like a robe, slippers, scented candles, relaxing music, clean sheets and towels, facial products, nail polish, and anything else that inspires you.
  3. Cleanse Your Face: The first step in any spa treatment is clean skin. Use a gentle facial cleanser that fits with your skin type. Our Spa staff can help if you need cleanser recommendations. After cleansing your face, you can apply a facial mask or peel.
  4. Treat Your Body: A body scrub and hot bath is one of the easiest and most relaxing in-home spa treatments. The warm steam will open your pores and remove dirt from your skin.
  5. Eat Healthy: Throughout the day, snack on healthy foods that will keep you hydrated and give you energy like blueberries and yogurt, or celery and peanut butter. You may also enjoy a nice glass of wine as you relax.
  6. Sit Quietly: Sit or lay down for at least 15 minutes and clear your head of any stressful thoughts. Focus on letting both your mind and body relax. During this time, feel free to read a fun magazine or inspiring book.


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