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A Complete Hair Care System for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Written by Melodie Garcia, Hairdresser at Golden Ocala.

Taking care of your appearance reflects how you feel about yourself, and nothing makes you feel and look better than beautiful hair! The salon at Golden Ocala offers top-of-the-line hair care systems, for in-salon or at-home care applications. One of our favorite hair care systems is called the Série Expert by L’Oreal.


About the Série Expert

The Série Expert is a “complete hair care system that treats the hair’s molecular structure from the core to the surface, delivering high performance results to maintain and preserve beautiful hair between salon visits.” For long-lasting results, this product’s advanced molecular precision technology targets specific parts of the hair with nourishing protection.

What is Molecular Precision Technology?

Advanced molecular precision technology enables active ingredients to target and treat three critical hair care needs from the layers of hair fibers including the surface, the cuticle, and the cortex.

Molecular Precision ChartZone A: The Surface

Excessive brushing or styling can damage the tiny scales that make up your hair’s surface, causing it to appear dull and lifeless. Série Expert targets Zone A to give your hair’s surface enhanced shine and smoothness.

Zone B: The Cuticle

The cuticle is made up of inter-cellular “glue” that holds the scales of the hair cuticle together. Heat, pollution and other environmental elements can weaken your hair by damaging the cuticle. Série Expert helps to lessen everyday damaging by increasing resistance to it.

Zone C: The Cortex

The cortex, known as the “heart” of your hair, makes up about 90% of the hair fiber. This section of the hair is the most important to maintain because if damaged, it can become exposed and result in increased breakage. Série Expert targets this zone to help strengthen the hair fiber and promote long-term results.

Committed to Your Hair Care Needs

At Golden Ocala, we are committed to success together, for education and our continued hair care needs. With exclusive in-salon treatments and 9 prescriptive product ranges, our members see instantaneous transformation. Make an appointment or stop in for advice on choosing the perfect product for your hair. Call the Golden Ocala Spa & Salon at (352) 402-4350.