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Brazilian Blowout Benefits

Benefits of Brazilian Blowout

A Brazilian Blowout — one of the Golden Ocala Salon’s most popular treatments — is often associated with smooth, soft, silky hair and is considered humidity’s and heat’s worst nightmare. But if you’ve ever questioned the potential of this safe and ultra-customizable treatment as well as its ability to do more harm than good, let the result of truly beautiful hair do the talking.

The Nature of a Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout is considered an incredibly safe treatment, because it contains the very same ingredients that make up your hair — water, amino acids and keratin. In short, Brazilian Blowout is the keratin treatment that penetrates your hair, instead of just laying on top of it. This indicates that your hair will not harden, maintaining its natural volume and giving you and opportunity to customize your mane to the exact look you desire.

The nature of the Brazilian Blowout is just as convenient as it is healthy. Adding amino acids and keratin to the hair fills the rough, often frizzy, cuticle layer. This filler maintains a shine and smoothness, resisting humidity and reducing the amount of time it takes to dry your hair.

Maintaining a Brazilian Blowout

Maintaining a Brazilian Blowout is quite simple. While Golden Ocala stylists recommend the product line exclusive to this treatment, as a way of prolonging smooth hair and reducing frizz, you can use any professional product line that doesn’t contain sodium sulfates.

What’s even more ideal – all hair types can benefit from the Brazilian Blowout — with the same simple maintenance. This treatment doesn’t discriminate against curly, wavy, kinky or straight hair.


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