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Airbrush Makeup – Temptu | Golden Ocala


For the longest time airbrush makeup seemed to be only available to brides on their wedding day. As time goes on we are seeing this makeup trend emerge into an everyday beauty necessity. The Golden Ocala Salon & Spa is proud to now offer their members the opportunity to purchase their very own Temptu Air-Brush System. This airbrush makeup system provides many different benefits that “traditional” makeup does not offer. See why women are purchasing their own airbrush machine for their everyday makeup routine!


Be the first to try the Temptu Air-Brush System in your home and see why everyone is falling in love with airbrush makeup!

Skin Care Benefits

Traditional makeup requires you to use some sort of applicator to apply the makeup. This applicator could be anything from brushes, sponges or even your hands. Applicators can easily get dirty and make your skin prone to breakouts if not cleaned and sanitized properly. Airbrush makeup offers a more healthy and hygienic approach to applying your makeup. With the Temptu Air-Brush System, only the makeup and air touches your skin. Temptu makeup is also noncomedgenic, hypoallergenic and paraben free, which allows your skin to breath.

Flawless Look

Airbrush makeup gives your skin a more natural and flawless look. The makeup goes on light which allows for your natural skin color to come through while covering any unwanted flaws. Airbrush makeup is also easier to mix and blend colors to find that perfect shade to complement your skin. The Temptu Air-Brush System also offers a unique trigger control to allow you total control over the amount of makeup applied to your skin.

Effortless Application

Airbrush makeup is very easy to apply. All you have to do is find your shade, put it in the machine and spray. It also stays on your skin longer and you don’t have to worry about your makeup rubbing off onto your clothing.


The Temptu Air-Brush System is now available for purchase at the Golden Ocala Salon & Spa!

Be the first to have the Temptu Air-Brush System in your home and find out why everyone is falling in love with airbrush makeup! Call me today at 352-402-4350 to reserve your own at home airbrush system! For more information on the latest in skin care and beauty trends stay up to date with our Salon and Spa blog!