13 May 14  |  Wellness   |  

5 Summer Waxing Tips

Written by Barbara Whatley, Spa & Fitness Director.

Bikini season is here! Before you start your summer wax regime, check out these waxing tips provided by the expert estheticians at the Golden Ocala Spa and Salon:


  1. Wait 3 weeks with NO shaving before getting a wax. This will allow you to achieve the smoothest and longest-lasting results, especially in reference to the bikini area.
  2. Wax BEFORE spray tanning, and on separate days. Waxing naturally exfoliates the skin and will remove any color application that has been applied.
  3. Wear SPF after waxing. Waxing increases the risk of sunburn because it photosynthesizes the skin.
  4. Exfoliate every day at home to prevent in-grown hairs. It is recommended to bathe using a loofah or body scrub.
  5. DO NOT shave between waxes. It may cause increased irritation to the hair follicles.

For your comfort, the Golden Ocala Spa offers all waxing services including Brazilian and bikini waxes, using the gentlest and lowest temperature wax. Members can schedule appointments at (352) 402-4350.