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What’s the Secret to a Healthy Marriage?

“Till death do thee part.” Death can be a long way off. With the average marital age at 29 (men) and 26 (women), that’s 50 years. Or 18,250 days. Or 438,ooo hours. Or more than 26 million minutes. Or 1.5 trillion seconds.

Granted, you don’t spend all of that time with your dearly beloved. How about just 10 percent together time; that’s still 150 billion seconds. So, what’s the secret to a healthy marriage?

The answers vary. Benjamin and Rosemary Kreder have been married nearly 75 years, according to the Boston Globe. Benjamin says laughter is No. 1.  “He always makes me laugh,” said Rosemary, 93. “His jokes are so bad that they’re actually funny. And he always waits for the laugh.”

Anthony and Anna Marie Fiore, who have been married for six decades, said their secret is supporting each other.

“I always say, ‘I think you’re right,’ ” Anthony told the Boston Globe. “But I say ‘think’ so that I cover for myself if I think she’s wrong.”

Booker and Willie Anne Wilson say maintaining space has helped keep their marriage healthy. “First off, purchase a big house so you can get your space from each other,” Booker, 72, said with a laugh.

A couple enjoying their happy marriage

“And talk about everything,” Willie Anne, 71, added with a look that said, “We’re going to talk about your answer.”

Keeping humor alive played the most important role in healthy marriages. “I win all the arguments,” Bill Downey, 78, said. Ann objected with a nudge. “No arguments. And do what the other person says,” Bill quickly added.

Bill and Anne said love and respect were the most important ingredients in their 56-year-old marriage.

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