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What Do You Need To Get a Marriage License

Before you and your loved one can be a legally married couple, you’ve got to obtain a marriage license. Marriage licenses are issued at the county level, so those getting married at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club can apply at the Marion County Clerk of Court’s offices in Ocala. The following guidelines will help you develop your marriage license checklist.

Marriage Application

A marriage application form must be completed. Both prospective spouses will have to appear in person when applying to present IDs and provide their Social Security numbers. The marriage license fee is generally $93.50, but this may change.

Age Requirement

Single adults aged 18 or over must present an acceptable ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Those 17 years of age may obtain licenses if they have been married previously, are expectant parents (requires a physician’s statement), or have obtained parental consent. Marriage for anyone younger requires the consent of a judge.

Who Can Be Married

In Florida, cousin marriages or same-sex marriages are legal, but common-law or proxy marriages are not permitted. There are no medical tests required.

Previous Marriages

If either party was previously married, they should bring documentation showing the end date of the prior marriage, such as a divorce decree or death certificate. Those who have been divorced within the past 30 days may be required to submit a certified copy of such paperwork.

Waiting Period

There is a 3-day waiting period between filing the application and issuance of the license to marry. Florida residents may take a premarital preparations course from a provider registered with the county clerk. They will receive certificates of completion valid for one year which must be presented to the clerk in order to receive a $32.50 discount on the marriage license fee, and can bypass the waiting period. Out-of-state visitors are not subject to the wait period but may have to pay additional fees.

Your Marriage License Checklist

As you prepare to get married, here is your marriage license checklist:

  • Completed application
  • Application fee
  • Photo ID, Social Security card, or I-94 card (foreign visitor) if required.
  • Some applicants may be asked for a copy of their birth certificate.
  • Divorce or termination documents for prior marriages

Signing a marriage license.

Getting Married

Once a license is received, those listed must be married within 60 days or it becomes invalid. A marriage ceremony must be conducted by licensed clergy, justices of the peace or a notary public. Once the ceremony is performed and the officiant signs the license, you are considered to be legally married. The officiant is responsible for filing with the clerk’s office within 10 days to obtain a certificate of marriage, which is normally mailed to the new couple and will serve as proof of marriage.

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