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Wedding Week Survival Tips For The Happy Couple

The week leading up to the wedding day is naturally a busy time as all the planning and excitement merges to the eventual “I do!”

Typically the bride and groom have several tasks that must be finalized the week of the wedding. And as family and friends are set to arrive for the ceremony, the time crunch is on to get everything ready.

Here are a list of do’s and don’ts to keep the happy couple on track to survive the week.

Do Make a list of tasks that need to be completed during the week. And it’s best to divide and conquer. The bride and groom should enlist others from the wedding planner to family members to get the job done.

Don’t Wait until the last minute thinking you have time to get everything done. It will stress you out, so try to tackle a little bit each day.


Do Get enough rest and eat well. This is a stressful week and if you don’t take time to eat balanced meals or get enough rest, it will likely show on the wedding day. Find time to pamper yourself a little.

Don’t forget to say thank you along the way to everyone. It just takes a few moments to give someone a quick personal thank you for helping out. The day of the wedding it will be hectic and someone may be overlooked. So take a moment on the spot to say thank you. It will likely be more meaningful to them.

Do make sure everyone knows what they’ll have to do on wedding day and the itinerary for the day. It’s no use if the plan is in the couple’s head but hasn’t been communicated to your wedding planner or other helpers.


Don’t neglect spending a few special moments with your betrothed during the week, just the two of you! Don’t discuss any details about the actual ceremony or what’s left to do. Enjoy a romantic dinner and time alone.

Do enjoy the week and all the excitement of your pending nuptials. Everyone is sending good wishes and it’s a happy time. Treasure the memories!

All packed

Don’t forget to pack all the essentials you’ll need to take to the venue for the day of the ceremony. These things usually are left off the to-do-list! They get their own list!

Finally, Do remember to smile on your wedding day. You’ve worked hard to get here to make the day extra special! These tips and others in our Golden Ocala wedding blog should help make it easier.

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