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Capturing Your Wedding on Camera

Written by Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations.

Finding a fantastic photographer is crucial for capturing memories you want to last a lifetime. The previous wedding blog post focused on the quality and style of a photographer based on their photos. However, some photographers use videography. By combining clips and transforming them into documentaries, photographers are able to capture a play-by-play of the bride and groom’s journey down the aisle.

From the Beginning

During the 1980s, families and friends tampered with videography at weddings using old-school tape recorders. Even when professionals took over, the original equipment provided limited lighting and fuzzy, low-quality video. The equipment was also heavy and bulky, making it difficult for photographers to move around. Some moments were missed or not recorded from the best angle. In addition, the footage was usually lengthy and unedited, preventing the best moments from shining.

In the mid-1990s, new technology was born–the digital camera. They were smaller and more mobile, removing many barriers videographers faced during the 80s. Photographers were able to discreetly capture moments in dimly lit settings and professional wedding videography took off. For the first time, videographers were able to edit film by adding music and cutting out unwanted footage.

Modern Videography

Today, even smartphones have camera quality better than the 1990’s digital cameras. Technology used by today’s professionals includes cameras that can record film in high definition and computer software powerful enough to even erase a pimple from a bride’s forehead.

Social Media

With the rising popularity of social media, some grooms now use videography to capture the engagement. If you visit YouTube, you will find an abundance of engagements, first dances and other unique moments, captured by brides and grooms around the world. Some of the most adored engagement and wedding moments have even gone viral, and ended up on popular news channels and talk shows. Below is one of YouTube’s most popular proposal uploads, entitled “Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!”

Local Videographers

Golden Ocala knows how important wedding videography has become. In fact, today’s brides require it. Local videographers like Gator Bride have recorded several of Golden Ocala’s most memorable weddings. Gator Bride edits the video to fit together like a fairytale. Don’t just take our word for it – check out their videos below.

If you are interested in booking your wedding at Golden Ocala, contact our Director of Celebrations. We have a list of recommended vendors and can assist you in choosing the right wedding videographer for you.