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Wedding Photography – Why is it Important and How to Find the Right Fit for You!

wedding photography - capturing special memories

What memorable moments will your photographer capture?

Your wedding photographer will create the memories you will treasure for years to come. In addition of choosing the right wedding packageat the venue of your dreams, a photographer is also an important investment. Before setting up an appointment, you and your fiancée should determine what wedding photography shotsyou want: formal portraits, casual and natural, or a mix of both, which is what we suggest! Of course you will want the typical family shots as well as the traditional wedding portrait. It is the fun, relaxed and casual photos you will go back to again and again, remembering how people looked and most of all what a good time your guests had at your perfect wedding reception. To help you in choosing your wedding photographer, we have compiled a list of the top ten questions and concerns you should address:

  1. May we see samples of your work? If possible, look at their website and what is on line prior to your appointment.
  2. Do we keep the negatives and how do you charge for your time?  You want to have the availability of reprinting images at a later time.  Depending on what you want done, you may want a package price rather than an hourly rate.
  3. Do you bring an assistant? This is important as an assistant cuts down on the time photography takes. The assistant sets up and does all the staging, while the photographer places you with the perfect pose and shoots – you do not have to wait around!
  4. Can we mix colors? Meaning, being able to have some black and white shots, some color and some sepia.
  5. Does your package include the coffee table style book? A hardcover book that captures all the special moments of the wedding.
  6. What about rehearsal photos and photos later on if we have a rain date? Make sure your photographer knows how to deal with unpredictable events.
  7. Are you familiar with the venue/wedding location we have chosen?  This is important so you do not waste time scouting photography areas on the day of the wedding. At Golden Ocala we are happy to show our beautiful Ocala wedding venue, justcontact us for an appointment.
  8. Be honest with the photographer. If you do not want certain photos, or if you dislike certain traditional shots (the “garter” shot), let them know you do not want them. Have a list with your do’s and don’ts.
  9. Do you guarantee you will do the photos and not an assistant? After all, you are choosing a photographer based on their personal portfolio.
  10. As with every vendor, remember their personality should be attuned to both of you. Be sure they understand your needs and “hot buttons”.

A good wedding photographer will gently direct the formal photos, and then when the reception gets going, work with your wedding planner and musician to take those special photos at crucial times without being overbearing. Remember, just like our professional staff at Golden Ocala during special events a professional wedding photographer should blend into the background. Then, after your wedding day you’ll have those photographs to enjoy for years to come!