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What NOT to Wear to a Wedding

Written by Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations.

Many couples have their wedding between the months of May and September and for their guests it can be difficult to decide what to wear to the ceremony. Guests want to look great, but at the same time do not want to draw any attention away from the bride. Here are some tips on what NOT to wear to a wedding to help you look your best for your loved one’s big day.

Excessive Makeup

It can be very exciting to get dolled up for a wedding. You now have a reason to put on that new shade of eye shadow or break out that red lipstick you never get to wear. Just remember, you don’t have to wear all of the makeup you own. It is fun to apply a little more makeup than normal, but the expression “a little goes a long way” applies greatly here. Don’t draw attention to yourself by over applying your makeup. The key to beautiful makeup is to emphasize one facial feature such as your lips, eyes or your cheeks. This way, you can still wear a little more makeup than normal, but still keep it tasteful.

A Tux


Leave the Tux for the Groom

The only people who should be wearing a tux are are those in the wedding party! Male wedding guests, all you need to wear as a guest are nice slacks, a button up shirt, a tie and a sport coat. Quick tip – make sure your button up shirt is long sleeved. Weddings are usually during warmer seasons, but it is good etiquette to wear long sleeved button up shirts to weddings. There is no reason to wear a tux unless requested by the bride and groom.

Loud Prints/Sequence

Let’s go back to the ever so famous phrase – “it is the bride’s day”. Do not wear loud prints or sequins to a wedding. This will take the focus from the bride to you and this is the very last thing you want to do. Save those fun prints and sparkles for that special holiday party or a night out with the girls.

Flip Flops


Lose the Flip Flops

Flip flops are a big no-no. Flip flops are for a casual day at the pool or beach, not a wedding. Be mindful of your feet when planning your attire, keep it classy. A cute pair of flats can be just as comfortable as a pair of flip flops and way more fashionable.


The only “princess” at a wedding is the bride. It is not okay to wear a tiara or a crown when attending a wedding. It is also not appropriate to wear a hat, unless in some rare cases it goes along with the theme of the wedding and is encourages by the bride and groom (garden wedding, or derby themed). Instead, you have the opportunity to do something chic and eloquent with your hair. You can still have some fun with your hair without being a distraction.



Leave work where it belongs

Leave the pantsuit at home. You are attending a celebration and you should look like it. You don’t want to look like you are getting ready to go to a business meeting. Weddings are supposed to be beautiful, so wear something beautiful. As a wedding guest, you are a part of the bride and groom’s special day, make their day gorgeous!

Short/Tight Dresses

Weddings are a tasteful celebration honoring a couples’ love for one another. Do not wear a short or tight dress to a wedding, you are not going to a night club. If you feel you will be constantly pulling your dress down, you won’t feel comfortable during the ceremony. The perfect dress to wear to a wedding is something cute and comfortable. Remember, there will be dancing at the reception so wear something you can have some fun in.



No Denim allowed!

No matter how casual the attire may seem, never EVER wear jeans to a wedding ceremony. If the wedding is on casual side, wear khakis instead.


The number one rule when attending a wedding as a guest is to NEVER wear white. This includes any and all shades of white: ivory, mother of pearl, cream, etc. An easy way to avoid this is to pick a solid color scheme when planning your outfit. It used to be wedding etiquette to not wear black, but this rule is out the door. Wearing black to a wedding is seen more and more now, even on bridesmaids! Go ahead and take that cute black dress and glam it up with the right accessories for the perfect wedding attire.

Remember, when you are attending a wedding, you are celebrating a beautiful and extraordinary love. It’s okay to do something extra special to your hair and makeup, but keep it tasteful. You are part of a very special day so you should look like it, just keep the focus on the couple you are celebrating. Make sure you look fabulous and feel comfortable, and you will have a wonderful time at the wedding. For more wedding tips and tricks, check out our blog.