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What Are Some Unusual Ways to Propose?

Proposing to your dearly beloved expresses a quality of personality. You are essentially putting on display facets of your very unique and particular character. Your proposal defines your marital future, embodying the course of your union and your passion for each other.

At this point in this article we must bring this train of serious thought to a grinding halt. What, you may ask, does that mean for the guy who proposes to his sweetheart while falling at 150 mph from an airplane during skydiving or 20 feet under water while scuba diving (or even worse, as you’ll soon read)? We won’t delve into the pyschological state of affairs of those wild and crazy proposers, but we will ask the inevitable: What are some unusual ways to propose?

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Now we proceed to the best of the weird ones:

  • One lovebird knows his best girl loves pizza. So, he gets her a double cheese with the words “Marry me” scrawled in sauce on the inside of the lid.
  • One fellow knows his dearly beloved enjoys browsing in the women’s section of Wal-Mart. So he pops the question next to the jewelry counter.
  • One guy secretly snaps a photo of his sweetheart in lingerie then puts the image on a billboard with the words: “Will you marry me?” (We’d love to hear how that one turned out.)
  • One romantically inclined guy snuck into the ladies’ room at a department store and scrawled his proposal on the bathroom stall doors. (Hey! We’re not making this stuff up!)
  • We know the importance of the 4-H Club of developing young minds, but we think one country boy may have taken it too far when he painted a cow with the words: “Will u marry me?”
  • We understand how gentlemen on tight budgets may have to get creative. But one fellow stuck an engagement ring in the bun of a fast-food burger. (We’re hoping he held the onions.)
  • OK, so graffiti is vandalism. But one city boy couldn’t restrain his love for his girl and spray painted “Will you mary me?” on a wall.
  • We think one trendy dude took his proposal a little too far by having “Carolina Summers will you marry me?” tattooed on his back. (Man, what if she says “no”?)
  • While we think becoming tech-savvy is important, we’re not sure if one nerd’s hacking into his girlfriend’s Facebook to propose was wise. (Would she “like” to accept or would she have to comment a reply?)
  • One guy just couldn’t wait (and, we imagine, neither could his girlfriend). He proposed to her as she sat on the toilet. (We’re still not sure who finished first.)
  • One dude wrote his proposal on the little space of a small fast-food sauce pack and stuffed it into nice little box with the ring.
  • One man proposed at Disney Land, in the middle of a very large and frightened crowd.

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