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Top Wedding Trends at Golden Ocala

Editors of The Knot recently assembled a list of top wedding trends for the year 2020. And as you may know, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club prides itself in extensive wedding packages as well as customization in tranquil surroundings. So, we asked Director of Events Alisa Carlino to weigh in on the trends that couples can expect while planning their wedding in our community of rolling hills and extraordinary beauty. 

Green Vibes 

When The Knot refers to green vibes, they’re talking about environmentally friendly details and repurposing anything from an engagement ring to floral arrangements. Here at Golden Ocala, we’re all about recommending ideas that save brides and grooms money, especially in the form of repurposing. This may suggest using the same florals for the reception as you did for the ceremony, or aiming for antique décor via old dressers as gift tables. 

Inclusive Menus and Self-Serve Refreshments 

The Knot has taken note of couples who are especially considerate of people’s diets and allergies, as well as their desire for nonalcoholic beverages — and so has Golden Ocala. Our brides and grooms are always thinking of vegetarian options, such as macaroni and cheese, pasta alfredo and mushroom-stuffed ravioli. And they’re certainly not forgetting vegans when it comes to adding roasted vegetables and risotto to the menu. 

As for nonalcoholic beverages, couples having weddings at Golden Ocala often swap out signature drink packages for gourmet coffee and juice bars. 

This brings us to the next trend by The Knot — self-serve refreshments. While we don’t provide wall-mounted dispensers, such as those referenced in the article, our self-serve setups include coffee, lemonade, water, flavored creamers, syrups, chocolate shavings and even cookies. All drinks mixed with alcohol are served by bartenders or monitored by Golden Ocala event staff for the well-being of underage guests. 

Lighting and Décor 

The Knot references quality lighting via hanging installations, tube lights and LED bars — similar to what brides and grooms desire for their Golden Ocala wedding. Our couples turn to their DJs for uplighting, according to their wedding colors. But for outdoor weddings, they rely on market lighting. These strings of lights come in handy when it gets dark out early or even just to set the mood for nighttime dancing. 

In terms of décor, The Knot highlights artful settings in the form of winding tables, as well as minimized décor to keep costs down. Here at Golden Ocala, winding tables can be utilized at a smaller wedding. And although traditional round tables are usually requested, we can also set up picnic-style seating. While some take tradition to another level with colorful linens, green vines and big centerpieces, others let Golden Ocala’s interior décor speak for itself — old-style drapery and chandeliers. 

Cheese Overtaking Dessert 

The Knot further finds that brides and grooms are drifting from the Viennese hour — a dessert buffet of cakes, tarts and much more — and going for a display of cheese, crackers, nuts and fruit — sometimes even a charcuterie board, which Golden Ocala can definitely vouch for. However, we haven’t noticed that this has taken away from desserts of any kind. 

To read the article by The Knot, visit https://www.theknot.com/content/new-wedding-trends. And for more wedding trends that apply specifically to Golden Ocala, such as wedding packages that always include service charge and tax, please call (352) 402-4376.