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Top 5 Things to Consider Before your Wedding Planner Appointment

Golden Ocala exterior, decorated for a wedding

Be prepared to with some questions and some answers for your appointment!

Do you remember the Boy Scout motto: “Be prepared”? Well, here’s how to be prepared when you first talk to a prospective wedding location.  Your preparation will result in a more concise answer from the venue and help save time when narrowing down your choices.  Remember that you are gathering information that will allow you to make an informed decision.  Know your hot buttons and the most important aspects of your wedding day. These are different for every bride and groom!  After my years of experience in wedding planning I’ve come up with a list of five questions to consider before you talk to your prospective wedding venue.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Are you doing the ceremony at the location? What dressing areas are available for both you and the groom? What chairs are offered? Do they do a rehearsal the day before? Do you need a ceremony coordinator?
  2. Are you thinking of an outside ceremony? If the answer is yes, you need to inquire about the possible sites available at the venue. Can you take photos ahead of the wedding day? Is there a weather back up plan on the day of? What day/time is the weather call made?
  3. Do you want a formal, elegant sit down dinner or more relaxed, casual stations or buffet? You can have either one, or ask about a combination of both. You can have a plated salad and then go to stations. The flexibility helps when you are considering a budget. Contrary to popular belief plated meals are LESS than stations or buffets. Your bar budget may depend on the guests you are having and what their tastes are. Plan your wedding reception and jot down some thoughts, but know that in today’s wedding world there are many options available to suit all pocketbooks!
  4. Are the linens, flatware, silverware, glassware, china, tables, chairs, dance floor included in the fee being charged for the rental? What is the service charge or is it a gratuity (know the difference between the two: one is taxable – the other is not [Which is which?])?
  5. What is your budget? Do not be shy about discussing your budget, remember everyone has a budget these days, they are just different. Knowing your budget allows your caterers to be of help in knowing how to “stretch your dollars”; perhaps a brunch wedding on a Sunday morning, or a late dessert room and champagne instead of a full meal. The possibilities are endless!  Of course, always ask if they have a Special Package (Golden Ocala has their Inclusive GO Wedding Package at one set price!).

One last thing – remember the person you meet during your appointment most likely will be assisting you on your wedding day. Be sure this is someone you are comfortable with as you go forward in planning your most important day!  Be sure there is compatibility and trust with the planner helping you with your wedding preparations. Of course, as a wedding planner myself I would love to sit down with you and help you with your day, from the ceremony to the final dance. Our dedicated staff is here to help make your wedding memorable, elegant and within your budget! Happy Wedding Venue Shopping!