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Red, White & Blue “I do”

Written by Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations.

Tis’ the season to let sparks fly. Are you engaged or considering a July wedding in 2015 or 2016?

July is a perfect month to say “I do.” It is FULL of fun and FULL of festivities – we’re talking fireworks, red, white and something blue. Below are elegant ideas for incorporating the Fourth of July holiday into your summertime wedding, handpicked, collaged and pinned by our wedding experts to Golden Ocala’s Pinterest board: Red, White, and Blue “I do”. Click the collage to download or Pin them to your own Pinterest!

Red High Heels

You and your girls will knock their socks off by strutting down the aisle in red high heels. Adding these to a navy bridesmaid’s dress or white bridal gown is a sassy, yet classy way to add a bit of The Fourth to your bridal look.


Let Sparks Fly

Show off the undeniable sparks between you and your prince charming with this Fourth of July classic–sparklers. Rice and roses are old news. Using sparklers is a festive, photo-friendly and romantic way to celebrate your exit as the NEW Mr. & Mrs.


For Him

There is nothing like the classic sophistication of a man wearing navy. He can sport an allover navy suit or accent a khaki or gray suit with a navy tie. Then, add a touch of red and he will be dressed to impress on your special day. By mixing and matching solids and prints, he will look as stylish as a groom straight from the cover of GQ.


Something Sweet

Spoil your guests sweet with red, white and blue bakery treats. Cupcakes, cakepops and parfait shots are just a few deserts you can custom order for your Fourth of July inspired wedding day. These desserts are decorative and delicious!


Bridesmaids Blues

July is the perfect season for short and stylish dresses. That’s right. If you chose wisely, you can even pick a dress your bridesmaids CAN actually wear again. For a classic look, choose to keep your girls cool with a backless or keyhole solid navy cupcake dress. For a trendy and even retro look, chose a pattern like polka dots or chevron. Another benefit of choosing a non-traditional dress–it costs less. The styles below can be purchased from online boutiques and in mall department stores for under $100.TRENDY MAID ALBUM

Decor & More

Choosing attractive tableware for a red, white and blue wedding is simple. To start, we suggest easy-to-find, traditional and inexpensive white tablecloths. Then, choose between red or white flowers, accented with navy linen napkins. To spruce up the table, add navy striped table runners or glass jars filled with red, white and blue M&Ms. We suggest red or white rental chairs for outdoor picnic-style July weddings.


Ravishing Red Lips

Lipstick is a must. Many girls steer shy of the bold look of red lips, but it makes EVERYONE look better in photographs! Trust us. Plus, with a bold lip you can wear less on the eyes. It is a great and easy go-to beauty tip for girls less experienced with makeup application.


Festive Fruit

Their is nothing more satisfying in summertime than the fresh taste of fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and watermelon are just a few fruits perfect for feeding friends and family at a festive Fourth of July wedding.  You can even pair them with other desserts like brownies and angel food cake.


For more July wedding tips including drink recipes, invitation designs, bridesmaid dress ideas, floral designs and more, follow Golden Ocala’s Pinterest.