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How to Pick Floral Arrangements for Your Wedding

The delicate rays of sunshine on that bright spring day reflect a sense of beauty and grandeur, a stirring of hearts. To love. To romance. To something supremely elegant. To forever.

You’re preparing your wedding day at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club and it is bound to be special. It has to be the most important and significant day of your lives. It has to mark the day when your two lives became one.

wedding flowers

Organizing a wedding can be a complicated and sometimes overwhelming ordeal. So many different facets have to converge as in a symphony to create the perfectly pitched wedding.

Buying flowers is one of those elements, perhaps the most important visual piece of the puzzle for the perfect ceremony.

So how do you make the floral arrangements for your wedding?

wedding flowers

The Knot provides some easy steps to help you discover the best and most distinct floral arrangement for your special day:

  • On Your Marks: Before heading to the florist, ask yourself some questions. What do you want? What color? What types? Do some homework to become familiar with terms before heading to a florist.
  • Get Set: What’s the setting? Where are you getting married? Outdoors? Indoors? At a park? The environment and the scenery sometimes determine your floral choices.
  • Go Talk It Out: Word-of-mouth may be one of the greatest methods for finding the best florists or for gathering information. Ask friends or newlyweds for their recommendations.
  • And The Winner Is: All florists were not created equal. Find out what a florist can do first and whether the florist has performed the type of service you’re seeking.
  • Eye, Eye, Captain: Pictures do paint a thousand words. Talk thoroughly with your florist. Have your florist show you exactly what they’re trying to convey and what they can create.
  • Consider the Greenbacks: Your floral arrangement is one of the larger parts of your budget. Experts say to expect spending 10 percent of your total wedding bill on flowers. Know how much you have to spend at the start, then layout your plans with your florist. “What can you do with this much?”
  • ‘Tis The Season: You have to consider the time of year when making your floral plans. Certain flowers are not in bloom at certain times. Spring planning for an autumn wedding may lead to a horticultural nightmare.
  • Double Takes: So you learn some flowers are out of season or are way too costly. Many flowers, especially the garden variety, have look-a-like substitutes.
  • Got Style? Certain flowers project different styles. Tighter bunches indicate more traditional arrangements while lush spreads point to romantic settings.
  • The Hills Are Alive: Many flowers come in different colors. Roses, for example, can be an assortment of reds or pinks.
  • The Personal Touch: Different floral arrangements project different moods. How do you feel?
  • Multitasking: Floral arrangements can be used for a variety of purposes, not just for bouquets and centerpieces. Floral arrangements can be used on reception tables.
  • Bigger Ain’t Always Better: Consider the size of your arrangements. How do the flowers or the arrangements fit in against the entire backdrop? Too big? Too small?
  • Second Wind: Shop around and revisit different florists. See what each has to offer and compare and contrast.
  • Juggling: Make sure your florist and photographer are arriving on schedule. You’ll want your photographer shooting fresh flowers at the best time of the day.
  • Going the Distance: Discuss with your florist how to reuse your flowers for other portions of your wedding. Maybe aisle arrangements can be used at the cake table.
  • The Big Picture: For the sake of your guests, considering the scale of your floral arrangements. You want your guests to enjoy themselves. Don’t let oversized centerpieces spoil the visuals of good dinner conversations.

Our wedding specialist at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club can transform your wedding vision into an amazing occasion. We have options to create a beautiful wedding in an elegant setting to ensure a stunning and memorable day!

wedding flowers

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