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What Are the Origins of the Modern Wedding Ceremony?

The occasions of modern wedlock – the proposal, the ceremony, the reception – rise from roots that run through Western culture, obtaining historical nourishment from some unusual and little-known traditions of ancient betrothals.

Its moorings are profoundly religious, sometimes strange and exemplify the grandeur and beauty of the sacred union; behind the pomp and circumstance, beyond the orchestrated splendor and the magnificent precision, something deep is woven through this primordial human union, an element that transcends our basic natures.

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Wedding Ceremony Has Ancient Origins

But now let’s explore the origins of the modern wedding ceremony.

  • The Ring Finger: The ancient Greeks believed the third finger connected directly to the heart. It was called the “vein of love.”
  • The Wedding Ring: The ancients believed the ring would protect brides from evil spirits.
  • The Engagement Ring: Pope Nicholas I declared in 860 that engagement rings signified martial intent.
  • The Wedding Cake: The cake was thrown at or dropped on the head of ancient Roman brides to promote fertility.
  • The Toast: During the 16th century, a small piece of bread would be put in a container of wine and passed from person to person until it reached the honored guest, who would eat the bread and drink the wine.
  • Brides Stand to the Left: After capturing the bride, the groom would place her on his left to protect her from sudden attack. He’d be able to use his sword with his right hand.
  • Honeymooning: The groom would take his bride into hiding after capturing her. Once the bride’s family discovered where they were, she would presumably already be pregnant.
  • Wedding: The old Anglo-Saxon “wedd” indicated the groom “would” marry his bride.
  • Tie The Knot: Ancient Romans required the groom – his “duty” – to untie the many knots that kept the bride’s girdle attached.
  • The Shower: Showers were designed to strengthen relations between the bride and her friends, who would provide her with emotional support and help her prepare for marriage.
  • White Wedding Dress: Ann of Brittany wore a white wedding gown in 1499. Women used to wear their best dresses at prior ceremonies.

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