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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Stationery

Somehow every moment since the proposal has been filled with joy and gaiety – almost. That looming sense of marital bliss – although viewed with a mix of starry-eyed zeal and down-to-earth pragmatism – tends to guide your every step to the big day.

But there’s always the “almost.” You still have to plan your wedding. You have a thousand steps to take, and one of the most important is choosing wedding stationery to let your friends and family know to mark their calendars.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand the importance of proper wedding planning. Our wedding consultants can guide you delicately through the planning process to make your wedding your life’s most wonderful occasion.

choosing wedding stationery

Here are some tips to set you on your way of choosing wedding stationery that will amaze:

  • Choose your style. The invitation indicates the level of formality of your wedding: classic, elegant, modern. Do research that will enable you to give your printer an idea of your vision.
  • What colors? The choice of stationery colors is important to convey the feeling you want to create at your wedding. Don’t forget the fonts. The mix of fonts and letter stock communicate your wedding day’s personality.
  • Shape and size matter. The small, rectangular card (4 ½ by 6 ¼ inches) is traditional. But you may want to go with different sizes to project a different tone, maybe more playful or modern. And don’t think solely of cards with corners. Circular stationery works.
  • Legibility is important. While you may love fancy and colorful – or serious and stately – to express your wedding-day style, you have to make sure your invitation is readable. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.
  • Watch your words. The wording on your invitation communicates considerably more about you and your wedding than you may realize. Find out the proper protocol and phrasing to use. The host is usually listed first on the invitation. Spell everything out correctly.
  • Leave some space. Don’t design a crowded card. Make it easy and to the point: Time, location, hosts, couple’s names, dress code and reservation information.
  • Start the process soon. Six to eight months is ideal.
  • Ensure the dates are correct. Reservation information should go in the card’s bottom right corner. Response deadlines should be no more than three weeks after the invitation is received.
  • What’s it going to cost? Invitation card costs can vary from $1 to $100 each. Check your budget.
  • Proof, proof and proof. Triple-check the finished invitation before giving your printer the go-ahead.
  • Do the numbers. Everyone doesn’t need an invitation. Couples in a household don’t need two. Neither do children. Invitations can be sent to the Smith Family, for example.
  • Order more. Just in case. A couple dozen (or about 15-20 percent) more than your initial count is a good rule. Kind of a B-list reminder.
  • Make it comprehensive. Order your menu cards, programs and thank-you notes at the same time. It might save you money and avoid some last-minute scrambling. Monitor your reservations – maybe in a spreadsheet – to ensure your thank-you letters go out promptly later.
  • Go to the post office. And buy stamps for your reply cards. It makes it easier and safer and ensures a reply.


Our wedding consultants at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club can help you with every step to your beautiful wedding. We provide gorgeous surroundings and the luxury facilities to make your big day memorable for a lifetime. Contact us today to start planning for your special day!