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How Do I Make a Wedding Reception Menu?

The menu for your wedding is a key part of your celebration, and deciding what to serve can be a fun – yet complex – part of the wedding planning process. There are several simple steps you can take to get organized with your planning and choose a wonderful wedding reception menu for your special day.

  • Book early: To ensure that your wedding reception menu will be amazing, you will want to book your caterer and venue early. Booking more than a year in advance is often necessary to schedule the caterer of your choice.
  • Decide on your guest list: The number of guests you invite to your wedding has a huge impact on how the meal can be served, the size of the venue you’ll need and how far your budget will extend.
  • Fresh, seasonal foods: Your wedding date determines what foods will be in season on the day of your ceremony. Choosing fresh, local foods for your menu means that your guests will enjoy a vibrant, delicious meal.
  • Consider special dietary options: Nearly every bride and groom will have guests who have food allergies or require vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free meals. When deciding on a menu, be sure to include allergy and restricted-diet menu choices.
  • Spicy or mild? Although you may be a fan of spicy foods, keep in mind that this may not appeal to your guests. Selecting a menu that has elements of spicy, sweet, crunchy, healthy and decadent foods means that all of your guests will enjoy their dining experience.
  • Share your story: Telling the story of your relationship with your wedding reception menu is a fun way to make your reception special and personal. Base your menu on the meal you cooked together for the first time or the gourmet meal you ate on the night that he proposed.
  • A sit-down meal or finger food? Depending on the style of your wedding reception and the number of guests, you can opt for a sit-down meal with multiple courses, a buffet or finger foods. Formal service means you’ll need a larger venue for seating and an extensive serving team.

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Golden Ocala’s Magnificent Wedding Venues

As a premier wedding venue, Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club offers elegant sophistication for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions. With 1,200 acres of rolling hills, oak trees and our magnificent clubhouse, residents and members of our upscale community can host the weddings of their dreams. Tie the knot on horseback, on the golf course or the veranda; the options are endless for your special ceremony, and we can host your wedding reception for up to 1,200 guests.

Would you like more information about planning your wedding reception menu? Golden Ocala is eager to assist you in all aspects of the wedding planning process. Contact Julianne Cuomo, director of celebrations, to discuss your dreams for your special day.

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