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Should You Hire a Wedding Photographer and Videographer?

The occasion of that special day – your wedding – will mark your memory in a profound manner. The ceremony and the circumstance serve as a splendid turning point in your lives, a romantic blending of passion and purpose.

You cannot afford to let the images fade into the fabric of your many years together, which is why you include the hiring of a photographer and a videographer as part of your wedding plans.

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, where dreams unfold, understand the breadth and the depth of your wedding day and how important it is to recollect the celebration of your union.

Wedding Photographer

Hiring the Right People Will Make Your Celebration Memorable

Here are some tips from The Knot that will help guide you through the challenging decisions:

  • Do you really need ‘em both? Photographers, definitely yes. They seize your beautiful moments. Videographers, however, capture a very vital aspect of the ceremony – the sounds, rich in romance and newly born tradition; years later you’ll be able to listen again to your vows, the reception music, the toasts. You’ll be able to replay the magic.
  • Who do you know? Hiring someone good may be the biggest challenge. Start asking friends and family for recommendations. Examine their portfolios closely and look for reviews.
  • Do they have to get along? The photographer and the videographer don’t have to be buddies, but it’s good if they get along or have worked together in the past. Hiring a studio to do both tasks might ease the potential for elbow clashing.
  • What are good questions? Once you’ve narrowed your candidate list to the final three or four and set interview times, ask to look at the photographers’ albums. If there’s a good mix of quality shots, the prospects your candidate will produce a range of views for you is good. Ask the videographers to see 20 to 30 minutes of video, not just the short, 5-minute snippets. Listen to the audio and look for visual quality.
  • Will you get along with them? Personality matters. Since you’ll be spending time with them, it would serve you and your family well if everyone remained on cordial terms.
  • What about special effects? If while viewing your photographer’s portfolio you discover the use of special effects (the use of unique colors or highlighting), let your photographer know your preferences: Yea or Nah. You don’t want surprises.
  • Should I go with film or digital? The old-fashioned among us may insist on film, but digital has long caught up with film in terms of quality. It’s also easier to do reprints with digital.
  • What about shooters bringing too much equipment? Fret not. Or fret less. Videography technology has traveled a long way since the 200-pound, shoulder-held monsters of Charlie Chaplain days. The marvels of modern video technology mean you may not even notice your videographer is busy at work.
  • Will they know what to shoot? Your shooters will know the best and most important shots automatically – the cake cutting, the first dance. But you would do well to introduce them to your VIPs: grandma; the cute, little ring bearer; big, burly and emotional Uncle Bob.

Begin planning the best part of your lives together by contacting our Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations, at 352-402-4376.

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