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Easily Plan Your Wedding By Following a Schedule, Part 1

He proposed. In a moment of excitement and glee, you said yes. And you slid on that sparkling engagement ring.

That’s the first step on a potentially rocky road to the big day some months away, occasionally marked by potholes, unexplainable challenges and exercises in patience and planning that would perplex even the most seasoned long-range planning consultant.

But planning your wedding doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a schedule – and the drive to stick to it. This schedule will help you plan your wedding with ease.

easily plan your wedding by planning

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club understand your qualms and anxieties. Golden Ocala is a favorite for engaged couples looking for the ideal place to hold their wedding. And we’re able to help guide you through each step.

Creating and instituting a planned schedule for your wedding will take the stress out of the weeks and months before you say your final “I do.”

In the meantime, you have your “I will,” which means you have lots of planning, arranging, directing and orchestrating to make what you hope will be the grandest occasion in your life. Here is the first in a two-part series.

The Knot, an online wedding guide, provides a useful schedule for newly engaged lovebirds with recommendations for set time periods:

Twelve Months

  • Draft a budget and paint your wedding vision.
  • Organize your planning team and consider hiring a wedding consulting. (Golden Ocala’s wedding planner is an expert in all things nuptial.)
  • Set a date and time. Start checking on locations, wedding officiants and VIPs.
  • Start your guest list.
  • Book ceremony and reception sites.
  • Ask family and friends if they’d be part of your wedding party.

Eight to Ten Months

  • The bride should pick out and order her gown.
  • Determine what kind of food you’ll serve at your reception.
  • Decide what type of entertainment for your reception.
  • How about flowers and floral arrangements?
  • Start thinking about wedding experts – vendors, photographers, reception bands.
  • How about insurance to protect your deposits?
  • Start considering about accommodation reservations.
  • Do your gift register.
  • Call rental companies for prices and information about renting chairs and tables for the reception.

Six to Eight Months

  • Book your musicians.
  • Order the dresses for your bridesmaids.
  • Plan your honeymoon.
  • Send the save-the-date cards.

use a timeline to easily plan your wedding

Four to Six Months

  • Go to counseling – if you need it.
  • Order invitations and rings.
  • Get your formal wear.
  • Start thinking about your wedding cake and then hire a cake designer.

Three Months

  • Order your wedding cake.
  • Schedule and attend your shower.
  • Groom: Get your formalwear.
  • Hire wedding-day transportation.

Two Months

  • Mail your invitations.
  • Write your vows.
  • Buy gifts for parents and participants.
  • Book your stylist and makeup artist.

One Month

  • Get your marriage license.
  • Bride: Do the final gown fitting.
  • Call the bridesmaids and make sure their gowns are ready.
  • Check with vendors.
  • Create your wedding program.

Begin planning the best day by contacting our Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations, at 352-402-4376. This is your day for the two of you to shine.

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