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Don’t Turn from Angel to Demon on your Wedding Day!

Written by Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations.

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and it can become overwhelming. All of the planning details can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety to a bride. This stress can make the beautiful bride not so beautiful on their wedding day. Here are a few tips to alleviate stress on your wedding day so you won’t turn from “angel” to “demon”…

Find your happy place


It’s okay to rely on others

It’s not your job to be stressed out. Rely on family, friends, and more importantly, your Wedding Coordinator to pay attention to the details. You need to focus on the big picture, celebrating your wedding day! Let people help and be kind to those who do. Barking orders and being demanding isn’t pretty, or very nice!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Remember, only you and a few select people know when something little does not go exactly as planned . The correct placement of your guest book or seating chart does not define the outcome of your wedding! If your timeline ends up having to be stretched a little, don’t worry about how your guests will react – they are here to enjoy YOUR special day. They will be fine.

Distance yourself from stressful people

If there is someone who is constantly stressing you out or making you feel uncomfortable, distance yourself from them. Ask for someone to help you remove that person from your location in a polite manner.

Embrace the weather

A rainy wedding day means a long, happy, and healthy marriage – don’t let the weather get you down. Instead, enjoy the backup plan and remember what this day is all about- marrying your love.


Nature can create the most beautiful memories

Enjoy the private moments

Take a few “private” moments during your special day to imagine your future with the man of your dreams. Picture his face and imagine what he will say when he sees you for the first time today in your beautiful wedding dress. Think about future vacations together, snuggling with popcorn and a movie, and maybe even future children – if that makes you happy!

This is a special day  – don’t ruin it for yourself and others by letting stress get the better of you. A happy bride is a beautiful bride!

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