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Choosing Your Wedding Attendants

A wedding is a special time. It represents the joining of two people as they start to build a life together. However, as hopeful and uplifting as weddings are, the planning stages can sometimes be challenging.

A lot of choices have to be made, and a lot of feelings managed carefully. Often, parents of the bride or groom may have a vision that doesn’t mesh with what the couple wants. And it is important not to hurt anyone’s feelings choosing your wedding attendants.

Making the Right Choices

Choosing your wedding attendants can get complicated. Who should you ask? What will be their responsibilities?

Take time to look at the complete picture before you start asking the first people who come to mind. For example, even best friends can be unreliable picks, if they have a demanding work schedule or they live far away.

The exception is siblings. If you have brothers and sisters, it’s good to invite them to be in your wedding. This can eliminate hurt feelings, both for them and for your parents.

If you come from a large family of seven or eight children, maybe not all of your siblings will be able to be a part of the wedding party. Ask some of your siblings if they can fill other roles, such as an usher or flower girl.

How Many Wedding Attendants?

Discuss the size of the wedding party with your partner. It’s best that each of you has the same number of attendants, although it’s not mandatory.

Bride and bridesmaids

Also, understand that in today’s weddings, a bride can have a Man of Honor, and a groom could have a Best Woman. It’s OK for the attendant to stand on the side of the person who invited them to the wedding.

What Duties?

The question of what the wedding attendants will do is significant. Some brides, in particular, expect their bridesmaids to help with invitations, dress shopping and other preparations. Although old school, this expectation is reasonable and nice.

But understand that your best friend who runs her own business may not be able to commit that much time to your wedding. Perhaps all she can do is show up in the dress you told her to wear on the morning of your wedding. Pick your battles carefully, and learn to manage your expectations.

Choosing your wedding attendants is an important part of planning your big day. Use it as an opportunity to deepen relationships and spend time with those you love as you start your journey into married life.

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