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Breaking Records and Discovering Wonderful Weddings At Golden Ocala

You might put getting married at the far end of life’s spectrum of experiences. “Till death do us part” is certainly an extreme commitment. While perhaps a few weddings at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club may qualify for breaking world-record extremes, we know for sure that the ceremonies and the engagements held here are certainly out-of-this-world wonderful for style, fashion and beauty.

But what are some of the world-record breaking marriages? The Huffington Post lists the top record holders:

  • The Long Road: Herbert Fisher and Zelmyra Fisher got married on May 13, 1924. Herbert died Feb. 27, 2001. The couple was married 86 years, 9 months and 16 days.
  • What’s Not To Like? Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding announcement to his girlfriend Priscilla Chan garnered 1,045,272 likes.
  • Ruffing It: Pet lovers spent $270,000 for the wedding of poodle Chilly Pasternak of Richmond, Virginia and Coton de Tulear Baby Hope Diamond of New York.
  • Traffic Jam: The wedding dress train of model Emma Dumitrescu of Bucharest, Romania was 1.87 miles long.
  • Days of Our Lives: The combined age of newlyweds Lillian Hartley, 95, and Allan Marks, 98, was 193 years, eight months and three days.
  • Taking a Breath: More than 300 underwater divers attended the wedding of Ewa Staronska and Pawel Burkoski of Poland.
  • I Do-Ooo-Ooo-Ooo: Rev. Darrell Best’s mobile wedding chapel, a converted 1940s fire truck, can reach 62 miles per hour.
  • Up In The Sky: Anna Hanen Swan (7 feet 5.5 inches tall) and Martin van Buren Bates (7 feet 5 inches tall) were married in 1871, reaching a combined height of 15 feet.
  • Watch Your Step: One hundred and ten dance students pranced their way to Jill Stapleton’s 2010 wedding.
  • Big Bookmarks: The wedding photos of more than 250 Indian couples filled a wedding album 13 feet wide and 17 feet long.
  • How Sweet: Chefs at Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in Connecticut baked a 15,032 pound cake.
  • Say Again: David E. Hough Blair and Lauren Lubeck Blair married – or renewed their vows – 101 times.
  • Call 911! The largest wedding bouquet had 1,500 flowers and weighed more than 200 pounds.

Wedding cake

Golden Ocala Breaks Records for Wonderful Weddings

We at Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club will help make your wedding into a world-class experience destined to rise as a record-breaking moment in your lives.

Our wedding planner is ready to make something wonderful happen for your wedding. Select from our Platinum, Gold and Silver packages for an amazing reception. Each package includes some spectacular enhancements.

By booking the entire wedding here at Golden Ocala, many additional facility fees are waived including rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, engagement photo shoots, bachelorette gatherings and bachelor parties. Contact Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations, to begin planning your special day.

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