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What Are The Best Ways to Propose?

Sam-I-am’s protagonist kept asking him where he could find an acceptable place to eat green eggs and ham: In a house? With a mouse? In a box? With a fox? In a car? In a tree? On a train? And the Dr. Seuss character kept responding in the negative. Until he tried them.

While proposing to your dearly beloved may not be as surreal as the children’s book, it may be just as ridden with angst and trepidation. But a dab of persistence, a heaping of creativity and a heavy dose of Sam-I-am determination may make popping the question a little less blood-pressure raising and a lot more fun.

propose when flying a kite

So, what are the best ways to propose? The only limits to your choices are those a wild imagination may impose. But according to The Knot, the premier source for online wedding information, the best approach just might be to add some zip, some pizzazz and some Seuss-inspired spontaneity to that pre-matrimonial moment.

Here are some good ideas:

  • Choose a location that is important to the both of you: a hotel rooftop, a national monument. Ask someone to snap a photo as you get on one knee to pop the question.
  • Hire a band or a choir for a surprise performance at a park or public place.
  • Arrange ahead of time to meet a street caricaturist to sketch your pictures with the words “Will you marry me?” in a word bubble. (And a “Yes” in the other bubble.)
  • Have aquarium divers flash a waterproof sign with your proposal.
  • Arrange for a DJ or a bandleader to allow you to dedicate a song and then propose on the dance floor.
  • Buy a full-page newspaper ad with your proposal and arrange for a quiet time together to “catch up” on current events.
  • Arrange a romantic trip and use the plane’s loudspeaker to propose – in the wild blue yonder. Ask the flight attendants ahead of time for permission.
  • Build a sandcastle on the beach and, when your finance looks the other way, put a ring atop the highest tower.
  • Draw your proposal on the sidewalk in chalk and go for a walk.
  • Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made with your pictures and your proposal in words.
  • Have a pastry chef write “Will you marry me” in sauce around a dessert plate.
  • Have a baker put your proposal on a cake and then go “window shopping.”
  • Write your proposal on a kite then go kite flying.

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