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Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

It is the day that most girls dream of as they journey into the light of womanhood. A day that is full of majesty, mystery and wonder that only the imagination can turn into reality. It is the day you exit the doors of single life and enter into a commitment that will forever change your life – it is your wedding!

So what makes this day so special? Although the thought of such union brings you joy and happiness, it is the thought of mere preparation that quivers in your spine. You might ask yourself several questions such as “Where do I begin?” or “Did I leave something out?” But asking the questions doesn’t mean you’re stuck.

The invention of the wedding coordinator brought about an important milestone in wedding history. The person who held such a title would be the philosopher of the ceremony and would capture the unique vision that each bride possesses. A wedding coordinator holds great value, wisdom, knowledge and experience in turning any dream wedding into reality.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

There are many benefits to hiring a wedding coordinator and they can be summed up into three main points:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Stress

A wedding coordinator understands the importance of time and money. Their knowledge in vendor relationships, contract negotiation and logistics make saving time and money a breeze. They understand the deals, opportunities and other industry insights that most don’t even know exist.

Although money and time are all important pieces of the puzzle, another concern is the level of stress such planning can bring. With efficiency and organization being part of a wedding coordinators skill set, the mission of a wedding coordinator is to relieve brides of any and all stress.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Planning a wedding should be a fun and enjoyable experience with memories lasting a lifetime. The return on investment that a bride and groom can get from hiring someone of such caliber will be the lifelong memories. Don’t go it alone.

Article provided by Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club’s very own Julianne Cuomo, Director of Celebrations and a certified wedding planner. Contact Cuomo at 352-402-4376 for more information about planning your special day.

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