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A Reception Meal Everyone Will Love

Gorgeous dining room for a wedding

Allow our culinary experts to help make a meal everyone will enjoy.

It’s no longer “one size fits all” when it comes to planning your wedding reception dinner.  People opting for a vegetarian or vegan diets have become common as well as people with peanut and gluten allergies. Some of your guests may be on restricted diets because of real dangers to their health.  Our culinary team has expertise at handling these varied menu needs and is here to help you develop creative options.

When you meet with catering professionals make sure you ask the question “Does your chef offer alternatives to my menu that will address the dietary needs of some of my guests?” If you are offering stations this could easily be arranged with a nice variety of salads, vegetables, or entrée items. Plated dinners can require a little more forethought, but just as simply and subtly executed.  Ask your caterer to prepare a vegan or vegetarian option and let you know what it is.  It should not be some vegetables thrown together on a plate; it should be an actual entrée!  There are many options for vegetarian meals available, and Chef Matt has some outstanding meatless entrees you’ll want to sample.  If someone has an allergy, make sure their plate is prepared to accommodate that person’s needs.  Let our staff know where the person is seated and we’ll accommodate them seamlessly.

A dinner well planned in advance will allow you to fully enjoy your wedding day. Your guests will be discussing all of the delicious food you’ve provided and those with special dietary needs will thank you for taking care of them.

Trust the wedding experts at Golden Ocala to make everything perfect for your special day.


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