25 November 19  |  Walking   |  

New Dog Park

Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club has opened a dog park in Brittany Estates. That means play time for residents’ favorite furry friends! Located on a large island with plenty of space, the dog park will be maintained by Golden Ocala, with cooperation from pet owners. It’s topped with an array of features and complements our community’s dog-friendly nature — permitting dogs to dine on the patio with members, briefly hang out in the clubhouse and even accompany Golden Ocala team members to work. With more pet-friendly features coming your way when we launch World Equestrian Center Ocala, our first official dog park is the “pawfect” segue into 2020 and beyond.

Dog Park Amenities

Golden Ocala’s dog park is approximately a half acre of land that can accommodate about 40 dogs at one time — approximately 20 small dogs in one fenced-in area and approximately 20 large dogs in another for safety. The remaining space is filled with a water fountain for dogs and owners, benches and a poop bag station.

The horticulture department is responsible for mowing the grass, maintaining surrounding florals, and spraying for weeds and pests — helping you protect your dog from flees, ticks and more.

Dog Park and Owner Liability

Before member and member dogs enter the dog park, it is highly important that they understand that Golden Ocala management cannot be held liable for incidents of any kind that may occur between canines and between canines and humans. Therefore, please abide by the following:

  • Keep your dog updated on vaccinations
  • Place a collar on your dog
  • Properly introduce your dog to another before releasing him or her
  • Place your dog on a leash before entering and exiting the park; unleash your dog in the park, while keeping the leash with you
  • Remain with and watch your dog
  • Do not smoke or eat while in the park
  • Fill in a hole if your dog digs it
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Curb your dog or remove the dog if he or she exhibits misbehavior or aggression
  • Do not bring unaltered dogs, including puppies under six months, into the park


The Golden Ocala dog park is officially open, so we invite you to check it out and take full advantage of our growing pet accommodations. Please note that any of the above rules are administered exclusively for the safety of our members and member pets. It is our hope that the dog park can become a permanent staple in our community and yet another reason to enjoy a piece of our paradise in the majestic heart of Horse Country.